Examples of load()

Examples of KFM.HTML.HtmlLoader2.load()

                tUrl += getParamString();

                HtmlLoader2 tLoader = new HtmlLoader2(); //because the htmlloader has a memory lead
                //initialize it new for each work file
                //process through jsp engine the file
                tLoader.load(tUrl, 0);
                if (tLoader.getStatusCode() != 200){
                    mErrors ++;
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Examples of KFramework30.Widgets.KDropDownFillerClass.load()

                        //SQL, might have parameters and where clause or order by
                        " select FACSTATUS_ID,  FACSTATUS_STATUS from sample_factura_status ",
                        "FACSTATUS_ID", statusCombo, "facstatusId"
                // statusComboFiller.bind( x,  x) bind here any param necessary       
                KDialogController.addNonVisibleWidget( statusComboFiller )// to map it          

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Examples of abra.RegionLoader.load()

  public void run(String input, String regionsGtf) throws IOException {
    SAMFileReader reader = new SAMFileReader(new File(input));
    RegionLoader loader = new RegionLoader();
    List<Feature> regions = loader.load(regionsGtf);
    regions = ReAligner.splitRegions(regions);

    for (Feature region : regions) {
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Examples of abstrasy.SourceFile.load()

    private final void _loadSource(File fln) {
        String fname = fln.getAbsolutePath();
        System.out.println("Load " + fname);
        try {
            SourceFile sfile = new SourceFile(fname);
            referenceSource_ = jTextArea1.getText();
            jTextArea2.append(fln + " loaded...\n");
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Examples of asia.redact.bracket.properties.mgmt.LoadList.load()

      LoadList list = new LoadList(attribs);
      for(PropertiesReference ref: refs){
      return list.getProps();
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Examples of au.com.cahaya.asas.util.cli.PropertyFileOption.load()

      else {
        EntityManagerFactory emf = null;
        if (line.hasOption (PropertyFileOption.cValue)) {
          try {
            emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory(line.getOptionValue (PersistenceOption.cValue), propOption.load ());
          catch (IOException exc) {
            System.err.println ("Error reading properties from " + propOption.getValue ());
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Examples of avrora.core.LoadableProgram.load()

            if (args.length <= cntr) break;

            String pname = args[cntr++];
            LoadableProgram lp = new LoadableProgram(pname);

            // create a number of nodes with the same program
            int max = StringUtil.evaluateIntegerLiteral((String)i.next());
            for (int node = 0; node < max; node++) {
                SensorNode n = (SensorNode)createNode(pf, lp);
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Examples of avrora.sim.CodeSegment.load()

        public CodeSegment newCodeSegment(String name, BaseInterpreter bi, ErrorReporter er, Program p) {
            CodeSegment cs;
            if ( p != null ) {
                cs = new ReprogrammableCodeSegment(name, p.program_end, bi, er, pagesize);
            } else {
                cs = new ReprogrammableCodeSegment(name, size, bi, er, pagesize);
            return cs;
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Examples of bdsup2sub.tools.Props.load()

                    } else {
                        throw new CoreException("File not found.");
                    Props colProps = new Props();
                    for (int i=0; i < model.getSelectedColors().length; i++) {
                        String s = colProps.get("Color_"+i, "0,0,0");
                        String sp[] = s.split(",");
                        if (sp.length >= 3) {
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Examples of be.klak.rhino.RhinoContext.load()


    public void loadMultipleJSFiles() {
        RhinoContext context = new RhinoContext();
        context.load("src/test/javascript/", "loadTest.js", "loadTestTwo.js");

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