Examples of load()

Examples of org.jfree.base.modules.PackageManager.load()


    final PackageManager mgr = getPackageManager();


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Examples of org.jfree.report.modules.preferences.base.ConfigStorage.load()

    final String configPath = ConfigFactory.encodePath(
        reportJob.getName() + getConfigurationSuffix());
    final ConfigStorage storage = ConfigFactory.getInstance().getUserStorage();
      return storage.load(configPath, defaultConfig);
    catch (Exception cse)
      DebugLog.log("Unable to load the defaults in Export export dialog. [" + getClass() + "]");
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Examples of org.jitterbit.application.ui.resources.ResourceLoader.load()

    public static final ResourceBundle CommonStrings = loadStrings();

    private static ResourceBundle loadStrings() {
        ResourceLoader loader = new ResourceLoader();
        return loader.load("org.jitterbit.integration.client.ui.resources.CommonStrings", stringKeys);

     * Checks if the <tt>CommonStrings</tt> resource bundle contains a string for the given key.
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Examples of org.jitterbit.integration.ldap.structure.ClassStructureFilePersistor.load()

    public ObjectClassStructure getClassStructure(NumericOid oid) {
        File file = getEntryFile(oid);
        synchronized (entryLock) {
            if (file.exists()) {
                ClassStructureFilePersistor p = new ClassStructureXmlPersistor();
                return p.load(file);
        return null;
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Examples of org.jitterbit.integration.ldap.structure.ClassStructureXmlPersistor.load()

        String[] compressedData = raw.getCompressedStructureStrings();
        ObjectClassStructure[] structs = new ObjectClassStructure[compressedData.length];
        for (int n = 0, len = compressedData.length; n < len; ++n) {
            try {
                String uncompr = JitterbitServerEncoding.base64DecodeAndInflateString(compressedData[n]);
                ObjectClassStructure e = xmlHandler.load(uncompr);
                structs[n] = e;
            } catch (DataFormatException ex) {
                callback.caught(new IntegrationServerException("The data returned by the server is corrupt", ex));
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Examples of org.jitterbit.util.properties.ReadOnlyPropertiesFactory.load()

    private final ReadOnlyProperties delegate;

    private StyleProperties() throws IOException {
        ReadOnlyPropertiesFactory factory = ReadOnlyPropertiesFactory.newInstance();
        delegate = factory.load("/org/jitterbit/application/ui/look/style.properties");

    public static ReadOnlyProperties getInstance() {
        return INSTANCE.delegate;
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Examples of org.jitterbit.util.xml.sax.DefaultKongaSaxParser.load()

    public ParsedInputXml parse(File inputXml) throws PipelinePluginException {
        try {
            DefaultKongaSaxParser saxParser = new DefaultKongaSaxParser();
            ElementHandlers handlers = new ElementHandlers(getPluginSpecificationVersion(), warnings);
            return handlers.getParsedData();
        } catch (KongaSaxParserException ex) {
            throw new PipelinePluginException("Failed to parse input.xml", ex);
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Examples of org.jitterbit.xml.sax.DefaultKongaSaxParser.load()

        mappings = Lists.newArrayList();
        DefaultKongaSaxParser parser = createParser();
        MultipleFolderXmlHandler folderHandler = new MultipleFolderXmlHandler(parser);
        multipleFolders = folderHandler.getMultipleFolders();

    private DefaultKongaSaxParser createParser() {
        DefaultKongaSaxParser parser = new DefaultKongaSaxParser();
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Examples of org.jivesoftware.smackx.packet.VCard.load()

                if(connection == null || !connection.isAuthenticated())
                    return null;

                VCard card = new VCard();
                card.load(connection, contactAddress);

                String tmp = null;

                tmp = checkForFullName(card);
                if(tmp != null)
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Examples of org.jivesoftware.smackx.vcardtemp.packet.VCard.load()

  // Unfortunately the Smack API doesn't specify what concretely happens, if a vCard doesn't exist, yet.
  // It could be just an empty vCard or an XMPPException thrown.
  private boolean vCardExists() throws XMPPException {
      try {
            VCard vcard = new VCard();
            // Best effort check to see if the vcard already exists.
            if (Util.fixEmpty(vcard.getNickName()) != null) {
                return true;
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