Examples of load()

Examples of bm.core.Properties.load()

    public static void registerDefinition( final String resource )
            throws IOException
        final Properties aux = new Properties();
        aux.load( aux.getClass().getResourceAsStream( resource ) );
        definitions.putAll( aux );

     * Load a definition from an input stream and add it to the current ones.
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Examples of br.com.gmartins.simbler.importer.FileOpener.load()

    public void setFile(File file) throws FileNotFoundException {
        String path = file.getAbsolutePath();
        FileOpener fileOpener = new FileOpener(path, this.getCodeTextArea());

     * Set the file path.
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Examples of br.com.moonjava.flight.jdbc.DbUnit.load()

public class TesteDeCriarUsuario {

  public void limparTabela() {
    DbUnit dbUnit = new DbUnit();
    dbUnit.load(new DbUnitFlightXml());

  public void criar_usuario_com_sucesso() {
    UsuarioDAO dao = new UsuarioDAO();
    RequestParamWrapper request = new RequestParamWrapper();
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Examples of br.com.objectos.way.etc.Config.load()

  public void global_read() throws IOException {
    String text = EtcFiles.readLines("/model/global-usera.yaml");

    Config config = configProvider.get();
    Global res = config.load(text, Global.class);

    User user = res.getUser();
    assertThat(user.getName(), equalTo(USER_A.getName()));
    assertThat(user.getEmail(), equalTo(USER_A.getEmail()));
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Examples of br.com.syspartenon.partenon.business.CidadeBC.load()

public class CidadeConverter implements Converter {

    public Object getAsObject(FacesContext fc, UIComponent uic, String id) {
        CidadeBC bc = Beans.getReference(CidadeBC.class);
        return bc.load(new Integer(id));

    public String getAsString(FacesContext fc, UIComponent uic, Object o) {
        if (o == null)
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Examples of ca.nengo.io.FileManager.load()

            FileManager fm = new FileManager();

            if (!overwrite && ensembleFile.exists() && ensembleFile.canRead()) {
                try {
                    result = (NEFEnsemble) fm.load(ensembleFile);

                    if(result.getNodes().length != n) {
                        ourLogger.warn("Number of nodes in ensemble loaded from file does not match requested number of nodes");
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Examples of cbg.editor.jedit.Mode.load()

      /* this will happen when there was a problem loading the
       * catalog */
      if(modes.size() == 0) return;
      hull = (Mode) modes.get(name);
    if(hull.notLoaded()) hull.load();

   * Answer the Rule set this delegate/rule resolves to. This
   * may require loading more modes.
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Examples of cc.plural.ecs.renderer.OrthogonalProjection.load()


        Matrix4f matrix = Matrix4f.identity();
        OrthogonalProjection instance = new OrthogonalProjection(0, 8, 6, 0);
        Matrix4f expResult = null;

        //FloatBuffer matrix44Buffer = BufferUtils.createFloatBuffer(16);
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Examples of cc.plural.math.Transformation.load()

            Shader shader = getDefaultShader();
            Texture texture = gameObject.geometry.texture;
            Mesh mesh = gameObject.geometry.mesh;

            Transformation transformation = gameObject.getWorld();

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Examples of ch.sahits.game.openpatrician.model.ship.IShip.load()

    int availableAmountStorage = office.getWare(ware).getAmount();
    if (availableAmountStorage>0 && office!=null){
      int amount2Move = dialog.getAmount(availableAmountStorage); // This is ware specific size
      int avgPrice = office.getWare(ware).getAVGPrice();
      int moved = office.move(ware, -amount2Move,avgPrice);
      ship.load(ware, moved, avgPrice);
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