Examples of createTable()

Examples of org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.Hive.createTable()

        // set create time
        tbl.getTTable().setCreateTime((int) (System.currentTimeMillis()/1000));

        // create the table
        return 0;

      dropTableDesc dropTbl = work.getDropTblDesc();
      if (dropTbl != null) {
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Examples of org.apache.hcatalog.api.HCatClient.createTable()

        HCatCreateTableDesc tableDesc = HCatCreateTableDesc
                .create(databaseName, tableName, cols)
                .comments("falcon integration test")

    public static void createTable(String metaStoreUrl, String databaseName, String tableName,
                                   List<String> partitionKeys) throws Exception {
        HCatClient client = HiveCatalogService.get(metaStoreUrl);
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Examples of org.apache.hcatalog.hbase.snapshot.RevisionManager.createTable()

      // ensure the table is online
      new HTable(hbaseConf, tableDesc.getName());

      //Set up table in revision manager.
      RevisionManager rm = HBaseRevisionManagerUtil.getOpenedRevisionManager(hbaseConf);
      rm.createTable(tableName, new ArrayList<String>(uniqueColumnFamilies));

    } catch (MasterNotRunningException mnre) {
      throw new MetaException(StringUtils.stringifyException(mnre));
    } catch (IOException ie) {
      throw new MetaException(StringUtils.stringifyException(ie));
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Examples of org.apache.isis.viewer.html.component.ComponentFactory.createTable()

        final List<ObjectAssociation> columnAssociations = elementType.getAssociations(Filters.and(WHEN_VISIBLE_IRRESPECTIVE_OF_WHERE, PROPERTIES));

        final int len = columnAssociations.size();

        final ComponentFactory factory = context.getComponentFactory();
        final Table table = factory.createTable(len, addSelector);

        for (final ObjectAssociation columnAssociation : columnAssociations) {
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Examples of org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.meta.ClassMappingInfo.createTable()

        ClassMappingInfo info = cls.getMappingInfo();
        info.assertNoSchemaComponents(cls, true);

        if (info.getTableName() != null) {
            Table table = info.createTable(cls, null, info.getSchemaName(),
                info.getTableName(), false);
            if (table != sup.getTable())
                throw new MetaDataException(_loc.get("flat-table", cls,
                    table.getFullName(), sup.getTable().getFullName()));
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Examples of org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.schema.SchemaTool.createTable()


        // create the table
        SchemaTool tool = new SchemaTool(_conf);

     * Drops the sequence table in the DB.
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Examples of org.apache.phoenix.schema.MetaDataClient.createTable()


            public MutationState execute() throws SQLException {
                try {
                    return client.createTable(create, splits, parent, viewStatement, viewType, viewColumnConstants, isViewColumnReferenced);
                } finally {
                    if (client.getConnection() != connection) {
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Examples of org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFSheet.createTable()

        Workbook wb = new XSSFWorkbook();
        XSSFSheet sheet = (XSSFSheet) wb.createSheet();
        XSSFTable table = sheet.createTable();
        CTTable cttable = table.getCTTable();
        //Style configurations
        CTTableStyleInfo style = cttable.addNewTableStyleInfo();
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Examples of org.apache.poi.xwpf.usermodel.XWPFDocument.createTable()

        //XWPFDocument doc = new XWPFDocument(new FileInputStream("base_document.docx"));

      // Create a new table with 6 rows and 3 columns
      int nRows = 6;
      int nCols = 3;
        XWPFTable table = doc.createTable(nRows, nCols);

        // Set the table style. If the style is not defined, the table style
        // will become "Normal".
        CTTblPr tblPr = table.getCTTbl().getTblPr();
        CTString styleStr = tblPr.addNewTblStyle();
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Examples of org.apache.tajo.catalog.CatalogService.createTable()

        stats.setNumBytes(getTableVolume(query.systemConf, finalOutputDir));


    private class InsertTableHook implements QueryHook {
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