Examples of bind()

Examples of net.pleso.framework.client.ui.custom.controls.data.TimeRangeControl.bind()

        // If this is time range.
        else if (valueLow instanceof DBStringTime
            && valueHigh instanceof DBStringTime) {
          TimeRangeControl ctrl = new TimeRangeControl();
          ctrl.bind(dataRow, item.getLowBoundDataColumn(), item
          addedControl = ctrl;
        } else
          throw new NotImplementedFeatureException(
              "There is no implementation to edit range of types "
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Examples of net.pleso.framework.client.ui.interfaces.ISingleColumnBind.bind()

          else if (value instanceof DBFloat)
            ctrl = new FloatDataControl();

        // Binding row and column to control.
        ctrl.bind(dataRow, item.getDataColumn());
        addedControl = (IBindableDataControl) ctrl;

      // If this is read only information enumeration item.
      else if (items[i] instanceof IInfoEnumColumnFormItem) {
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Examples of net.rim.device.api.database.Statement.bind()

        try {
            // INSERT a row into the Category table for the new category
            Statement statement =
                    _db.createStatement("INSERT INTO Category VALUES(null, ?)");
            statement.bind(1, name);

            // Query the database for the auto-generated ID of the category just
            // added
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Examples of net.sf.saxon.functions.FunctionLibrary.bind()

    public Expression bind(int nameCode, String uri, String local, Expression[] staticArgs)
            throws XPathException {
        for (Iterator it=libraryList.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
            FunctionLibrary lib = (FunctionLibrary)it.next();
            Expression func = lib.bind(nameCode, uri, local, staticArgs);
            if (func != null) {
                return func;
        return null;
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Examples of net.sf.saxon.functions.IntegratedFunctionLibrary.bind()

                        if (errorVariables[i].getLocalName().equals(qName.getLocalName())) {
                            IntegratedFunctionLibrary lib = getConfiguration().getVendorFunctionLibrary();
                            StructuredQName functionName =
                                    new StructuredQName("saxon", NamespaceConstant.SAXON, "dynamic-error-info");
                            Expression[] args = new Expression[]{new StringLiteral(qName.getLocalName())};
                            return lib.bind(functionName, args, this);
            XPathException err = new XPathException("Variable " + qName.getDisplayName() +
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Examples of net.sourceforge.ztail.ui.tabs.TabSession.bind()

      public void doAction() {
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Examples of netscape.ldap.LDAPConnection.bind()

        // Attempt to bind to the directory server using the bind DN and password.
            outputMessages.add( "Attempting to perform an LDAPv3 bind to the " + "directory server with a DN of '"
                + bindDN + "'...." );
            conn.bind( 3, bindDN, bindPassword );
            outputMessages.add( "Bound successfully." );
            outputMessages.add( "" );
        catch ( Exception e )
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Examples of objot.container.Factory.bind()

        return b.cla(test ? testW.weave(w.weave(c)) : w.weave(c));
    for (Class<?> c: Class2.packageClasses(Do.class))
      if (Mod2.match(c, Mod2.PUBLIC, Mod2.ABSTRACT))
    return req.create(sess, true);

  static final class EncAs
    extends Aspect
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Examples of org.apache.camel.dataformat.bindy.BindyCsvFactory.bind()

                    if (factory.getAutospanLine()) {
                        result = autospanLine(result, factory.getMaxpos(), separator);

                    // Bind data from CSV record with model classes
                    factory.bind(result, model, count);

                    // Link objects together

                    // Add objects graph to the list
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Examples of org.apache.camel.dataformat.bindy.BindyFixedLengthFactory.bind()

                // Create POJO where Fixed data will be stored
                model = factory.factory();
                // Bind data from Fixed record with model classes
                factory.bind(line, model, count);

                // Link objects together

                // Add objects graph to the list
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