Examples of bind()

Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.BasicForwardRuleReasoner.bind()

    /** Run a single test */
    public void run() {
        BasicForwardRuleReasoner reasoner = new BasicForwardRuleReasoner(ruleset);
        InfGraph result = reasoner.bind(Factory.createGraphMem());
        System.out.println("Final graph state");
        for (Iterator<Triple> i = result.find(null, null, null); i.hasNext(); ) {
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.BindingEnvironment.bind()

    try {
      Triple t = Triple.create(s,p,o);
      Reifier r = graph.getReifier();
      Node a = Node.createAnon();
      return true;
    } catch (Exception e) {
      return false;
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.FBRuleReasoner.bind()

     * @param data the graph of triples to process
     * @param tabled an array of predicates that should be tabled
    public static InfGraph makeInfGraph(List<Rule> rules, Graph data, Node[] tabled) {
        FBRuleReasoner reasoner = new FBRuleReasoner(rules);
        FBRuleInfGraph infgraph = (FBRuleInfGraph) reasoner.bind(data);
        for (int i = 0; i < tabled.length; i++) {
//        infgraph.setTraceOn(true);
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.GenericRuleReasoner.bind()

  public void testCreateInfModel()
    final String rule = "-> (eg:r eg:p eg:v).";
    final Reasoner r = new GenericRuleReasoner(Rule.parseRules(rule));
    final InfGraph ig = r
    final InfModel im = ModelFactory.createInfModel(ig);
    JenaTestBase.assertInstanceOf(InfModel.class, im);
    Assert.assertEquals(1, im.size());
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.reasoner.rulesys.impl.BindingVector.bind()

        doTestUnify(gf, hf2, false, null);
        doTestUnify(gf, hf3, true, new Node[] {null, b});
        // Check binding environment use
        BindingVector env = BindingVector.unify(g2, h1, MAX_VARS);
        env.bind(xh, c);
        assertEquals(env.getBinding(yh), c);
        env = BindingVector.unify(g2, h1, MAX_VARS);
        env.bind(yh, c);
        assertEquals(env.getBinding(xh), c);
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Examples of com.hp.jena.ymris.deploy.reasoner.DirectReasoner.bind()

        Ymris y = new Ymris( new StringReader( rules ) );
        YAST yast = y.ymris();
        Reasoner r = new DirectReasoner( yast.ruleSets().get( 0 ) );
        Graph base = graphWith( baseTriples );
        InfGraph ig = r.bind( base );
        assertIsomorphic( graphWith( desiredTriples ), ig );

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Examples of com.ipc.oce.varset.EActivator.bind()

  public <T> T findAndBindObject(String name) throws JIException{
    EActivator activator = varsetObjects.get(name);
    if (activator != null) {
      activator.bind(appInstance); // bind forced
    return (T) activator;
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Examples of com.jogamp.opengl.FBObject.bind()

        // Alternative: resize GL_BACK FBObject directly,
        // if multisampled the FBO sink (GL_FRONT) will be resized before the swap is executed
        int numSamples = ((GLFBODrawable)glDrawble).getChosenGLCapabilities().getNumSamples();
        FBObject fboObjectBack = ((GLFBODrawable)glDrawble).getFBObject( GL.GL_BACK );
        fboObjectBack.reset(gl, newWidth, newHeight, numSamples, false); // false = don't reset SamplingSinkFBO immediately

        // If double buffered without antialiasing the GL_FRONT FBObject
        // will be resized by glDrawble after the next swap-call
      // pbuffer - not tested because Mac OS X 10.7+ supports FBO
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Examples of com.jogamp.opengl.util.texture.Texture.bind()

        TextureData textureData = material.getTextureDataList().get(i);
        Texture texture = textureManager.getTextureForFile(textureData.file);
            texture.enable(gl); //TODO: should this be called every time?
        /* enable anisotropic filtering (note: this could be a
         * per-texture setting, but currently isn't) */
            if (gl.isExtensionAvailable("GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic")) {
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Examples of com.novell.ldap.LDAPConnection.bind()

        try {

            // Bind as user
            try {
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