Examples of run()

Examples of org.apache.tez.examples.OrderedWordCount.run()

    TezClient tezSession = null;

    try {

      OrderedWordCount job = new OrderedWordCount();
      Assert.assertTrue("OrderedWordCount failed", job.run(inputDirStr, outputDirStr, tezConf, 2));

    } finally {
      remoteFs.delete(stagingDirPath, true);
      if (tezSession != null) {
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Examples of org.apache.tez.examples.SimpleSessionExample.run()

      List<ApplicationReport> apps = yarnClient.getApplications();
      int appsBeforeCount = apps != null ? apps.size() : 0;

      SimpleSessionExample job = new SimpleSessionExample();
      Assert.assertTrue("SimpleSessionExample failed", job.run(inputPaths, outputPaths, tezConf, 2));

      for (int i=0; i<numIterations; ++i) {
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Examples of org.apache.tez.mapreduce.examples.BroadcastAndOneToOneExample.run()

  @Test(timeout = 60000)
  public void testBroadcastAndOneToOne() throws Exception {
    LOG.info("Running BroadcastAndOneToOne Test");
    BroadcastAndOneToOneExample job = new BroadcastAndOneToOneExample();
    if (job.run(mrrTezCluster.getConfig(), true)) {
      LOG.info("Success BroadcastAndOneToOne Test");
    } else {
      throw new TezUncheckedException("BroadcastAndOneToOne Test Failed");
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Examples of org.apache.tez.mapreduce.examples.TestOrderedWordCount.run()

    Path outputLoc = new Path("/tmp/outPath_" + System.currentTimeMillis());
    TestOrderedWordCount wordCount = new TestOrderedWordCount();
    wordCount.setConf(new Configuration(miniTezCluster.getConfig()));

    String[] args = new String[] { inputLoc.toString(), outputLoc.toString() };
    assertEquals(expectedResult, wordCount.run(args));

   * Verify whether shuffle works in mini cluster
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Examples of org.apache.tez.mapreduce.examples.UnionExample.run()

    writer.write("efgh ");
    UnionExample job = new UnionExample();
    if (job.run(inPath.toString(), outPath.toString(), mrrTezCluster.getConfig())) {
      LOG.info("Success VertexGroups Test");
    } else {
      throw new TezUncheckedException("VertexGroups Test Failed");
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Examples of org.apache.tez.runtime.LogicalIOProcessorRuntimeTask.run()

        new Path(workDir, "map0"), new TestUmbilical(), dagName, vertexName,
    InputContext inputContext = task.getInputContexts().iterator().next();
    TezTaskOutput mapOutputs = new TezLocalTaskOutputFiles(jobConf, inputContext.getUniqueIdentifier());
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Examples of org.apache.tez.runtime.api.LogicalIOProcessor.run()

      Preconditions.checkState(this.state == State.INITED,
          "Can only run while in INITED state. Current: " + this.state);
      this.state = State.RUNNING;
    LogicalIOProcessor lioProcessor = (LogicalIOProcessor) processor;
    lioProcessor.run(runInputMap, runOutputMap);

  public void close() throws Exception {
    try {
      Preconditions.checkState(this.state == State.RUNNING,
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Examples of org.apache.tez.runtime.library.common.localshuffle.LocalShuffle.run()

    if (getNumPhysicalInputs() == 0) {
      return Collections.emptyList();

    LocalShuffle localShuffle = new LocalShuffle(getContext(), conf, getNumPhysicalInputs());
    rawIter = localShuffle.run();
    return Collections.emptyList();
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Examples of org.apache.tez.runtime.task.TezChild.run()

        // Pull in configuration specified for the session.
        TezChild tezChild =
            TezChild.newTezChild(defaultConf, null, 0, containerId.toString(), tokenIdentifier,
                attemptNumber, localDirs, workingDirectory);
        return tezChild.run();

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Examples of org.apache.tools.ant.gui.command.Command.run()

        public boolean eventPosted(EventObject event) {
            String command = ((ActionEvent)event).getActionCommand();
            Command cmd =
                _context.getActions().getActionCommand(command, _context, event);
            if(cmd != null) {
                return false;
            else {
        // XXX log me.
                System.err.println("Unhandled action: " + command);
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