Examples of invoke()

Examples of org.jboss.ws.core.client.SOAPRemotingConnection.invoke()

            EndpointInfo epInfo = new EndpointInfo(epMetaData, targetAddress, callProps);
            if (shouldMaintainSession())
               addSessionInfo(reqMessage, callProps);

            SOAPRemotingConnection remotingConnection = new SOAPRemotingConnection();
            MessageAbstraction resMessage = remotingConnection.invoke(reqMessage, epInfo, oneway);

            if (shouldMaintainSession())
               saveSessionInfo(callProps, getRequestContext());

            // At pivot the message context might be replaced
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Examples of org.jboss.ws.core.server.ServiceEndpointInvoker.invoke()

         ServiceEndpointInvoker epInvoker = ep.getAttachment(ServiceEndpointInvoker.class);
         if (epInvoker == null)
            throw new IllegalStateException("Cannot obtain ServiceEndpointInvoker");

         // Invoke the service endpoint

         // Get the response message context
         msgContext = MessageContextAssociation.peekMessageContext();

         // Get the response message
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Examples of org.jboss.wsf.spi.invocation.InvocationHandler.invoke()

               Invocation inv = setupInvocation(endpoint, sepInv, invContext);
               InvocationHandler invHandler = endpoint.getInvocationHandler();
                  invHandler.invoke(endpoint, inv);
               catch (InvocationTargetException th)
                  //Unwrap the throwable raised by the service endpoint implementation
                  Throwable targetEx = th.getTargetException();
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Examples of org.jclouds.rest.HttpClient.invoke()

         throws Exception {
      if (signedRequest) {
         BlobStoreContext context = blobStore.getContext();
         HttpRequest request = context.getSigner().signGetBlob(containerName, blobName);
         HttpClient httpClient = context.utils().http();
         HttpResponse response = httpClient.invoke(request);
         int statusCode = response.getStatusCode();
         if (statusCode != 200) {
            throw new IOException(response.getStatusLine());
         return response.getPayload().openStream();
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Examples of org.jgroups.blocks.MethodCall.invoke()

    public void testOld() {
        try {
            MethodCall mc=new MethodCall("foo", new Object[]{new Integer(22), "Bela"}, new Class[]{int.class,String.class});
            Assert.assertEquals(mc.invoke(target), Boolean.TRUE);
        catch(Throwable t) {
            assert false : t.toString();
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Examples of org.jibeframework.core.app.method.MethodHolder.invoke()

    return holders.get(annotation).containsKey(id);

  public Object invoke(Class<? extends Annotation> annotationClass, String methodId, Object... args) {
    MethodHolder holder = resolveAnnotatedMethodHolder(annotationClass, methodId, args);
    Object retValue = holder.invoke();
    return retValue;

  public Object invoke(String value, Object... args) {
    MethodHolder holder = resolveHolder(value, args);
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Examples of org.jibeframework.core.service.MethodService.invoke()

   * @return
  public final boolean applies() {
    MethodService methodService = CoreServices.getMethodService();
    if (methodService.annotatedMethodExists(ConditionFunction.class, this.key)) {
      return (Boolean) methodService.invoke(ConditionFunction.class, this.key, null, Context
    return true;

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Examples of org.jibx.ws.io.MarshallingPayloadWriter.invoke()


    /** {@inheritDoc} */
    public void invoke(OutContext context, IXMLWriter xmlWriter) throws IOException, WsException {
        MarshallingPayloadWriter marshaller = new MarshallingPayloadWriter(m_payload.getClass());
        marshaller.invoke(xmlWriter, m_payload);
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Examples of org.jibx.ws.io.handler.InHandler.invoke()

        ArrayList handlers = (ArrayList) m_handlersByPhase.get(phase);
        if (handlers != null) {
            for (int i = 0; i < handlers.size(); i++) {
                InHandler handler = (InHandler) handlers.get(i);
                Object obj = handler.invoke(this, xmlReader);
                if (obj != null) {
                    return obj;
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Examples of org.jibx.ws.process.Processor.invoke()


        String opname = null;
        MessageProperties msgProps = PoxProtocol.INSTANCE.buildMessageProperties(opname, getMessageOptions());
        DuplexConnection duplex = getChannel().getDuplex(msgProps, getMessageOptions().getXmlOptions());
        processor.invoke(duplex.getOutbound(), duplex.getInbound());

        return m_inCtx.getBody();

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