Examples of invoke()

Examples of javax.el.MethodExpression.invoke()

   public Object invokeMethod(final FacesContext context, final String expression, Class<?>[] argumentTypes,
         Object[] argumentValues) throws ELException
      ExpressionFactory ef = context.getApplication().getExpressionFactory();
      MethodExpression me = ef.createMethodExpression(context.getELContext(), expression, Object.class, argumentTypes);
      return me.invoke(context.getELContext(), argumentValues);

   public boolean isEl(final String viewId)
      if (viewId == null)
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Examples of javax.faces.el.MethodBinding.invoke()

            FacesContext context = getFacesContext();

            MethodBinding mb = getActionListener();
            if (mb != null)
                mb.invoke(context, new Object[]
                { event });

            ActionListener defaultActionListener = context.getApplication()
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Examples of javax.faces.validator.Validator.invoke()


      MethodBinding validator = getValidator();
      if (validator != null) {
        try {
              new Object[] { context, this, newValue});
        catch (EvaluationException ee) {
          if (ee.getCause() instanceof ValidatorException) {
            ValidatorException ve =
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Examples of javax.management.DynamicMBean.invoke()

      // detyped proxy invocation
      mbean2.invoke("doOperation", null, null);
      mbean2.invoke("reset", null, null);
      // direct local server invocation
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Examples of javax.management.MBeanServer.invoke()

        try {
            ObjectName poolOName = new ObjectName("jboss.jca:service=ManagedConnectionPool,name="+resourceName);
            MBeanServer server = getMBeanServer();
            if (server != null) {
                try {
                    server.invoke(poolOName, "stop", null, null);
                    server.invoke(poolOName, "start", null, null);
                    return true;
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    logger.error("Could not reset resource \""+resourceName+"\"", e);
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Examples of javax.management.MBeanServerConnection.invoke()

      MBeanServerConnection mBeanServer = lookupMBeanServerProxy(ic);
      ObjectName postOfficeObjectName = new ObjectName("jboss.messaging:service=PostOffice");

      mBeanServer.invoke(postOfficeObjectName, "stop", null, null);
      Attribute att =
         new Attribute("MessagePullPolicy",
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Examples of javax.management.j2ee.Management.invoke()

         getLog().debug("+++ testNotificationDeliver, stop " + TEST_MAIL + "");
         jsr77MEJB.invoke(lMail, "stop", new Object[]{}, new String[]{});
         getLog().debug("+++ testNotificationDeliver, start " + TEST_MAIL + "");
         jsr77MEJB.invoke(lMail, "start", new Object[]{}, new String[]{});
         // Wait 5 seconds to ensure that the notifications are delivered
         if (lLocalListener.getNumberOfNotifications() < 2)
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Examples of javax.microedition.content.Registry.invoke()

            ContentHandler[] handlers = registry.findHandler( invocation );
            if( handlers.length == 0 ) {
                return false;
            registry.invoke( invocation );
            return true;
        } catch( Exception e ) {
        return false;
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Examples of javax.microedition.xml.rpc.Operation.invoke()

    Operation op = Operation.newInstance(_qname_setSecurity, _type_setSecurity, _type_setSecurityResponse);
    op.setProperty(Operation.SOAPACTION_URI_PROPERTY, "");
    Object resultObj;
    try {
      resultObj = op.invoke(inputObject);
    } catch (JAXRPCException e) {
      Throwable cause = e.getLinkedCause();
      if (cause instanceof java.rmi.RemoteException) {
        throw (java.rmi.RemoteException) cause;
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Examples of javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.JspFragment.invoke()

        try {        

            JspFragment f = getJspBody();
            if (f != null) {

        } catch (java.io.IOException ex) {
            throw new JspException("Error in RequestTag tag", ex);
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