Examples of find()

Examples of org.jrdf.graph.Graph.find()

            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unknown parsing mode");   
        ClosableIterable<Triple> triples = graph.find(ANY_SUBJECT_NODE, ANY_PREDICATE_NODE, ANY_OBJECT_NODE);
        try {
            Map<String, List<Row>> subjectToRows = new HashMap<String, List<Row>>();
            Column subjectColumn = new Column(project.columnModel.allocateNewCellIndex(), "subject");
            project.columnModel.addColumn(0, subjectColumn, false);
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Examples of org.jrdf.util.boundary.RegexMatcher.find()


    public String unescapeLiteral(String literal) {
        RegexMatcher matcher = regexMatcherFactory.createMatcher(LITERAL_ESCAPE_REGEX, literal);
        if (!matcher.find()) {
            return literal;
        } else {
            return hasCharactersToEscape(matcher);
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Examples of org.jregex.Matcher.find()

                public Object activate(IokeObject method, Object on, List<Object> args, Map<String, Object> keywords, IokeObject context, IokeObject message) throws ControlFlow {
                    IokeObject target = IokeObject.as(Interpreter.send(context.runtime.asText, context, args.get(0)), context);
                    String arg = Text.getText(target);
                    Matcher m = ((Regexp)IokeObject.data(on)).regexp.matcher(arg);

                    if(m.find()) {
                        IokeObject match = regexpMatch.allocateCopy(message, context);
                        match.setData(new RegexpMatch(IokeObject.as(on, context), m, target));
                        return match;
                    } else {
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Examples of org.kitesdk.morphline.shaded.com.google.code.regexp.Matcher.find()

  public void testGrokSeparatedValues() throws Exception {
    String msg = "hello\tworld\tfoo";
    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<word>.+?)(\\t|\\z)");
    Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(msg);
    List<String> results = Lists.newArrayList();
    while (matcher.find()) {
      //System.out.println("match:'" + matcher.group(1) + "'");
    assertEquals(Arrays.asList("hello", "world", "foo"), results);
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Examples of org.lealone.dbobject.index.Index.find()

        if (index.needRebuild() && rowCount > 0) {
            try {
                Index scan = getScanIndex(session);
                long remaining = scan.getRowCount(session);
                long total = remaining;
                Cursor cursor = scan.find(session, null, null);
                long i = 0;
                int bufferSize = (int) Math.min(rowCount, Constants.DEFAULT_MAX_MEMORY_ROWS);
                ArrayList<Row> buffer = New.arrayList(bufferSize);
                String n = getName() + ":" + index.getName();
                int t = MathUtils.convertLongToInt(total);
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Examples of org.libreplan.business.resources.daos.IResourceDAO.find()

        List<Criterion> criterions = new ArrayList<Criterion>();
        replay(resourceDAOMock, criterionServiceMock);
        // perform actions
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Examples of org.locationtech.geogig.repository.DepthSearch.find()

        List<FeatureDiff> diffs = patch.getModifiedFeatures();
        for (FeatureDiff diff : diffs) {
            String path = diff.getPath();
            DepthSearch depthSearch = new DepthSearch(indexDb);
            Optional<NodeRef> noderef = depthSearch.find(workTree.getTree(), path);
            RevFeatureType oldRevFeatureType = command(RevObjectParse.class)
            String refSpec = Ref.WORK_HEAD + ":" + path;
            RevFeature feature = command(RevObjectParse.class).setRefSpec(refSpec)
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Examples of org.locationtech.udig.catalog.ICatalog.find()

        try {

            ICatalog catalog = CatalogPlugin.getDefault().getLocalCatalog();

            // first search the local catalog.
            List<IResolve> matches = catalog.find(url, new SubProgressMonitor(progressMonitor, 2));

            for (IResolve resolve : matches) {
                if (resolve instanceof ExpectedService) {
                    // found the resource now we have to search it for the
                    // resource we want
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Examples of org.maqetta.server.IVResource.find()

              start = this.workspace;
        } else {
             start = this.getResource(startFolder);
    } else {
      IVResource file = this.getResource(pathStr);
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Examples of org.marc4j.marc.Record.find()

        MarcReader reader = new MarcStreamReader(input);
        while (reader.hasNext()) {
            Record record = reader.next();

            // check if the cataloging agency is DLC
            List result = record.find("040", "DLC");
            if (result.size() > 0)
                System.out.println("Agency for this record is DLC");

            // there is no specific find for a specific subfield
            // so to check if it is the orignal cataloging agency
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