Examples of find()

Examples of org.exoplatform.portal.config.DataStorage.find()

   public void loadPortalConfigs() throws Exception
      DataStorage service = getApplicationComponent(DataStorage.class);

      Query<PortalConfig> query = new Query<PortalConfig>(null, null, null, null, PortalConfig.class);
      LazyPageList<PortalConfig> temp = service.find(query, new Comparator<PortalConfig>()
         public int compare(PortalConfig pconfig1, PortalConfig pconfig2)
            return pconfig1.getName().toLowerCase().compareTo(pconfig2.getName().toLowerCase());
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Examples of org.fest.swing.core.ComponentFinder.find()

  public void testShowSalesReport() throws Exception {
    ComponentFinder finder = BasicComponentFinder
    JYearChooser yearChooser = finder.find(new JYearChooserFinder(

    JComboBoxFixture comboBoxFrom = dialogFixture
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Examples of org.fluentlenium.core.domain.FluentWebElement.find()

  public void should_generate_script_tag() {
    FluentWebElement body = findFirst("body");
  public void should_render_empty_cell() {
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Examples of org.geoserver.platform.GeoServerResourceLoader.find()

            //serialize the style out into the data directory
            GeoServerResourceLoader loader = catalog.getResourceLoader();
            File f;
            try {
                f = loader.find( "styles/" +  name + ".sld" );
            catch (IOException e) {
                throw new RestletException( "Error looking up file", Status.SERVER_ERROR_INTERNAL, e );
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Examples of org.geotools.feature.FeatureType.find()

    gfinal = gfinal.buffer(0); // for topologic problems.
      Object[] values = new Object[5];
      values[ft.find("module")] = MODULE;
      values[ft.find("gen_full")] = gfinal;
      values[ft.find("gen_1")] = generalize(gfinal,tolerance1);;
      values[ft.find("gen_2")] = generalize(gfinal,tolerance1);;
      values[ft.find("gen_3")] = generalize(gfinal,tolerance1);;
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Examples of org.geotools.referencing.factory.IdentifiedObjectFinder.find()

    public void testFind() throws FactoryException {
        final IdentifiedObjectFinder finder = factory.getIdentifiedObjectFinder(
        assertTrue("Full scan should be enabled by default.", finder.isFullScanAllowed());
        assertNull("Should not find WGS84 because the axis order is not the same.",

        String wkt;
        wkt = "GEOGCS[\"WGS 84\",\n"                                    +
              "  DATUM[\"World Geodetic System 1984\",\n"               +
              "    SPHEROID[\"WGS 84\", 6378137.0, 298.257223563]],\n"  +
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Examples of org.gitective.core.CommitFinder.find()

  public void mostImpacting() throws Exception {
    RevCommit commit1 = add("test1.txt", "content2");
    CommitFileImpactFilter filter = new CommitFileImpactFilter(1);
    assertEquals(1, filter.getLimit());
    CommitFinder finder = new CommitFinder(testRepo).setFilter(filter);
    assertEquals(1, filter.getCommits().size());
    assertEquals(commit1, filter.getCommits().first().getCommit());
    assertEquals(1, filter.getCommits().first().getAdd());
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Examples of org.glassfish.hk2.api.ServiceLocatorFactory.find()

    private void createServiceLocator() {
        String locatorName = APP_SERVICE_LOCATOR_PREFIX + name;
        ServiceLocatorFactory slf = ServiceLocatorFactory.getInstance();
        if (slf.find(locatorName) != null) {
        appServiceLocator = slf.create(locatorName);
        deploymentFailedListener = new DeploymentFailedListener(source);
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Examples of org.glassfish.jersey.spi.ExceptionMappers.find()

    public <T extends Throwable> ExceptionMapper<T> getExceptionMapper(Class<T> type) {
        // exception mappers are not supported on the client side
        final ExceptionMappers actualMappers = mappers.get();
        return (actualMappers != null) ? actualMappers.find(type) : null;

    public <T> ContextResolver<T> getContextResolver(Class<T> contextType, MediaType mediaType) {
        return resolvers.get().resolve(contextType, mediaType);
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Examples of org.gradle.util.NameMatcher.find()

            this.taskName = path;

        NameMatcher matcher = new NameMatcher();
        String actualName = matcher.find(baseName, tasksByName.keySet());

        if (actualName != null) {
            // A partial match
            this.tasks = tasksByName.get(actualName);
            this.taskName = prefix + actualName;
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