Examples of executeQuery()

Examples of com.alibaba.druid.pool.DruidPooledPreparedStatement.executeQuery()

        stmt_1_G = (DruidPooledPreparedStatement) conn.prepareStatement(sql_1);
        rs_1_G = (DruidPooledResultSet) stmt_1_G.executeQuery();
        stmt_1_H = (DruidPooledPreparedStatement) conn.prepareStatement(sql_1);
        rs_1_H = (DruidPooledResultSet) stmt_1_H.executeQuery();
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Examples of com.alibaba.wasp.jdbc.command.CommandInterface.executeQuery()

      CommandInterface command = conn.prepareCommand(sql, fetchSize, session);
      ResultInterface result = null;
      try {
        result = command.executeQuery(maxRows);
      } finally {
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Examples of com.alvazan.orm.api.z3api.NoSqlTypedSession.executeQuery()

public class CmdUpdate {

  void processUpdate(String cmd, NoSqlEntityManager mgr) {
    NoSqlTypedSession s = mgr.getTypedSession();
    try {
      int count = s.executeQuery(cmd);
      println(count + " row updated");
    } catch(ParseException e) {
      Throwable childExc = e.getCause();
      throw new InvalidCommand("Scalable-SQL command was invalid.  Reason="+childExc.getMessage()+" AND you may want to add -v option to playcli to get more info", e);
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Examples of com.baasbox.dao.GenericDao.executeQuery()


  public static List<ODocument> getRoles() throws SqlInjectionException {
    GenericDao dao = GenericDao.getInstance();
    QueryParams criteria = QueryParams.getInstance().where("name not like \""+RoleDao.FRIENDS_OF_ROLE+"%\" and assignable=true").orderBy("name asc");
    return dao.executeQuery("orole", criteria);
   * Returns a list with a single record containing the ODocument (class ORole) referring to the role specified by the parameter
   * @param name
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Examples of com.caucho.amber.AmberQuery.executeQuery()

  public ResultSet query(String hsql)
    throws SQLException
    AmberQuery query = prepareQuery(hsql);

    return query.executeQuery();

   * Returns the cache chunk.
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Examples of com.centraview.common.CVDal.executeQuery()

        + "st.TableName, st.TablePrimaryKey FROM searchtable st,"
        + "searchmodule sm WHERE st.SearchTableID = sm.SearchTableID "
        + "AND sm.IsPrimaryTable = 'Y' AND sm.moduleid = ?";
      cvdal.setInt(1, moduleID);
      Collection resultsCollection = cvdal.executeQuery();
      if (resultsCollection != null)
        Iterator resultsIterator = resultsCollection.iterator();
        if (resultsIterator.hasNext())
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Examples of com.conexao.Transacao.executeQuery()

            MusicaGerencia.mapearDiretorio(new File("D:/Users/manchini/Music/Minhas músicas/"), t,null,0);

            SQL sql = new SQL();
            sql.add("SELECT * from musica");
            ResultSet rs = t.executeQuery(sql.getSql());
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Examples of com.dci.intellij.dbn.database.common.statement.StatementExecutionProcessor.executeQuery()

        return executeQuery(connection, true, loaderId, arguments);

    protected ResultSet executeQuery(Connection connection, boolean forceExecution, String loaderId, @Nullable Object... arguments) throws SQLException {
        StatementExecutionProcessor executionProcessor = processors.get(loaderId);
        return executionProcessor.executeQuery(connection, forceExecution, arguments);

    protected <T extends CallableStatementOutput> T executeCall(Connection connection, @Nullable T outputReader, String loaderId, @Nullable Object... arguments) throws SQLException {
        StatementExecutionProcessor executionProcessor = processors.get(loaderId);
        return executionProcessor.executeCall(connection, outputReader, arguments);
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Examples of com.google.cloud.sql.jdbc.PreparedStatement.executeQuery()

//        e.printStackTrace();
//      }
      pstmt.setString(1, id);
      //pstmt.setString(1, "3459");
      ResultSet rs = pstmt.executeQuery();
      int i = 0;
      while (rs.next()) {
        JsonNode recordNode = mapper.createObjectNode(); // will be of type ObjectNode
        ((ObjectNode)recordNode).put("ProgramKey", rs.getString("program_key"));
        ((ObjectNode)recordNode).put("ProgramName", rs.getString("program_name"));
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Examples of com.imaginea.mongodb.services.DatabaseService.executeQuery()

                    String command = cmdStr.substring(lastIndexOfDot + 1, cmdStr.length());
                    DatabaseService databaseService = new DatabaseServiceImpl(connectionId);
                    int docsLimit = Integer.parseInt(limit);
                    int docsSkip = Integer.parseInt(skip);
                    String jsonStr = query.substring(startIndex + 1, endIndex);
                    return databaseService.executeQuery(dbName, command, jsonStr, fields, sortBy, docsLimit, docsSkip);
        return response;
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