Examples of addOption()

Examples of argparser.ArgParser.addOption()

                        svgFile = new StringHolder(),
                        simFile = new StringHolder(),
                        profFile = new StringHolder();
        // create the parser and specify the allowed options ...
        parser.addOption("--version,-v %v #show VennMaster version", versionOpt);
        parser.addOption("--cfg %s #input configuration file", configFile);
        parser.addOption("--ocfg %s #output configuration file", outConfigFile);
        parser.addOption("--list %s #list input file", listFile);
        parser.addOption("--gce %s #GoMiner gene-category export file", gceFile);
        parser.addOption("--se %s #GoMiner summary export file", seFile);
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Examples of at.riemers.zero.widgets.form.ComboBoxField.addOption()

                filter.addField(new StringField("name", "base.user.table.name", ""));
                ComboBoxField groupField = new ComboBoxField("userGroup", "base.user.label.usergroupkey", "");

                groupField.addOption("", "*");
                for (UserGroup userGroup : getUserGroups()) {
                    groupField.addOption(userGroup.getId(), userGroup.getGroupKey());

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Examples of com.cloudera.sqoop.cli.RelatedOptions.addOption()

        .withDescription("Sets a required field enclosing character")
        .withDescription("Sets the escape character")
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Examples of com.dotcms.repackage.org.apache.commons.cli.OptionGroup.addOption()

        Option proxyPass = new Option( UpdateOptions.PROXY_PASS, true, Messages.getString( "UpdateOptions.text.proxy.pass" ) );
        Option allowTestingBuildsOption = new Option( UpdateOptions.ALLOW_TESTING_BUILDS, true, Messages.getString( "UpdateOptions.text.allowtestingbuilds" ) );
        Option specificVersionOption = new Option( UpdateOptions.SPECIFIC_VERSION, true, Messages.getString( "UpdateOptions.text.specificversion" ) );

        OptionGroup originGroup = new OptionGroup();
        originGroup.addOption( urlOption );

        OptionGroup fileGroup = new OptionGroup();
        fileGroup.addOption( fileOption );

        OptionGroup verboseGroup = new OptionGroup();
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Examples of com.google.gerrit.util.cli.CmdLineParser.addOption()

  protected final CmdLineParser newCmdLineParser(Object options) {
    final CmdLineParser parser = super.newCmdLineParser(options);
    for (ApproveOption c : optionList) {
      parser.addOption(c, c);
    return parser;

  private final Set<PatchSet.Id> patchSetIds = new HashSet<PatchSet.Id>();
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Examples of com.googlecode.jslint4java.JSLint.addOption()

        IPreferencesService prefs = Platform.getPreferencesService();
        for (Option o : Option.values()) {
            String value = prefs.getString(JSLintPlugin.PLUGIN_ID, o.getLowerName(), null, null);
            if (value != null) {
                lint.addOption(o, value);
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Examples of com.lowagie.toolbox.arguments.OptionArgument.addOption()

  public Handouts() {
    arguments.add(new FileArgument(this, "srcfile", "The file you want to convert", false, new PdfFilter()));
    arguments.add(new FileArgument(this, "destfile", "The file to which the Handout has to be written", true, new PdfFilter()));
    OptionArgument oa = new OptionArgument(this, "pages", "The number of pages you want on one handout page");
    oa.addOption("2 pages on 1", "2");
    oa.addOption("3 pages on 1", "3");
    oa.addOption("4 pages on 1", "4");
    oa.addOption("5 pages on 1", "5");
    oa.addOption("6 pages on 1", "6");
    oa.addOption("7 pages on 1", "7");
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Examples of com.lowagie.tools.arguments.OptionArgument.addOption()

    arguments.add(new FileArgument(this, "destfile", "The file to which the encrypted PDF has to be written", true, new PdfFilter()));
    arguments.add(new StringArgument(this, "ownerpassword", "The ownerpassword you want to add to the PDF file", String.class.getName()));
    arguments.add(new StringArgument(this, "userpassword", "The userpassword you want to add to the PDF file", String.class.getName()));
    arguments.add(new BitsetArgument(this, "permissions", "Permissions on the file", PERMISSION_OPTIONS));
    OptionArgument oa = new OptionArgument(this, "strength", "Strength of the encryption");
    oa.addOption("40 bit encryption", "40");
    oa.addOption("128 bit encryption", "128");

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Examples of com.mks.api.Command.addOption()

        final CmdRunner runner = session.createCmdRunner();
        Command command = new Command(Command.SI);
        command.addOption(new Option("sandbox", sandbox));
        MultiValue mv = new MultiValue( "," );
        mv.add( "name" );
        mv.add( "context" );
        mv.add( "wfdelta" );
        mv.add( "memberrev" );
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Examples of com.mongodb.DBCursor.addOption()

        if (null != readPref) {

        if (noTimeout) {

        if (tail) {
            if (tail_await_data)
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