Package trackerModule.weka

Examples of trackerModule.weka.WekaInterface

   * Sets the weka interface.
  public void setWekaInterface(){
    wekaInter = new WekaInterface();
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    // convert TDB to weka
    WekaInterface wekaInter = new WekaInterface();
    String[] pars = {"Location", "X", "Y", "Mission", "Meeting", "Route", "Type"};
    Instances data1 = wekaInter.getWekaDataFromUMatrix("Type", pars);
    // training
    wekaInter.saveWekaFile("world.arff", data1);
    BayesNet BN = wekaInter.trainBayesNet(data1);
    wekaInter.saveBIFFromFile("world.xml", BN);
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