Examples of Options

Examples of avrora.util.Options

     * @param h  the (unformatted) help string
    protected Action(String h) {
        super("action", h);
        options = new Options();

        addSection("ACTION OVERVIEW", help);
        addOptionSection("Help for the specific options accepted by this action is below.", options);
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Examples of barrysoft.options.Options

    UpdaterView view = new UpdaterViewSwing(new Options());
    final UpdaterController uc = new UpdaterController(Updater.getInstance(), view);

    new Thread(new Runnable()
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Examples of beaver.comp.run.Options

    public void generate() throws IOException, Parser.Exception, Grammar.Exception {
        for (final File file : source.getFiles()) {
            final SrcReader srcReader = new SrcReader(file);
            final Options options = new Options();
            options.dest_dir = getOutputDirectory();
            ParserGenerator.compile(srcReader, options, new Log());
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Examples of ch.raffael.doclets.pegdown.Options

    public PsiDocComment processDocComment(PsiDocComment docComment) {
        if ( !isEnabled() || docComment == null ) {
            return docComment;
        final Map<String, URL> umlDiagrams = generateUmlDiagrams(docComment);
        Options options = new Options() {
            protected ToHtmlSerializer createDocletSerializer() {
                return new DocletSerializer(this, getLinkRenderer()) {
                    protected void printImageTag(SuperNode imageNode, String url) {
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Examples of com.adito.vfs.webdav.methods.OPTIONS

        this.methods.put("DELETE", new DELETE());
        this.methods.put("GET", new GET());
        this.methods.put("HEAD", new HEAD());
        this.methods.put("MKCOL", new MKCOL());
        this.methods.put("MOVE", new MOVE());
        this.methods.put("OPTIONS", new OPTIONS());
        this.methods.put("PROPFIND", new PROPFIND());
        this.methods.put("PROPPATCH", new PROPPATCH());
        this.methods.put("PUT", new PUT());
        this.methods.put("COPY", new COPY());
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Examples of com.alibaba.antx.util.cli.Options

    private Options options;

    public CLIManager() {
        OptionBuilder builder = new OptionBuilder();

        options = new Options();


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Examples of com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.option.Options

    public int compare(
        final List<String> customFieldObjectValue1,
        final List<String> customFieldObjectValue2,
        final FieldConfig fieldConfig)
        final Options options = getOptions(fieldConfig, null);

        if (options != null)
            final Long i1 = getLowestIndex(customFieldObjectValue1, options);
            final Long i2 = getLowestIndex(customFieldObjectValue2, options);
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Examples of com.cburch.logisim.file.Options

  private void updateRandomness() {
    Options opts = root.getProject().getOptions();
    Object rand = opts.getAttributeSet().getValue(Options.sim_rand_attr);
    int val = ((Integer) rand).intValue();
    int logVal = 0;
    while ((1 << logVal) < val) logVal++;
    simRandomShift = logVal;
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Examples of com.cedarsoft.couchdb.core.Options

   * @throws ActionFailedException
   * @throws IOException
  public <K, V, D> ViewResponse<K, V, D> query( @Nonnull ViewDescriptor viewDescriptor, @Nonnull JacksonSerializer<? super K> keySerializer, @Nonnull JacksonSerializer<? super V> valueSerializer, @Nonnull JacksonSerializer<? extends D> docSerializer, @Nullable Options options ) throws InvalidTypeException, ActionFailedException, IOException {
    Options localOptions;
    if ( options != null && !options.isGroup() ) {
      localOptions = new Options( options ).includeDocs( true ); //force include docs
    } else {
      localOptions = options;

    try ( InputStream stream = query( viewDescriptor, localOptions ) ) {
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Examples of com.citrix.netscaler.nitro.service.options

  * Use this API to count the rewritepolicylabel resources configured on NetScaler.
  public static long count(nitro_service service) throws Exception{
    rewritepolicylabel obj = new rewritepolicylabel();
    options option = new options();
    rewritepolicylabel[] response = (rewritepolicylabel[])obj.get_resources(service, option);
    if (response != null) {
      return response[0].__count;
    return 0;
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