Examples of writeInt()

Examples of ucar.unidata.io.RandomAccessFile.writeInt()

    if (!write_tag(TAG_VERSION, 10, newfile)) return false;
    f.write(FILE_VERSION.getBytes(), 0, 10);

    // Number of timesteps
    if (!write_tag(TAG_NUMTIMES, 4, newfile)) return false;

    // Number of variables
    if (!write_tag(TAG_NUMVARS, 4, newfile)) return false;
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Examples of uk.ac.ucl.panda.utility.io.IndexOutput.writeInt()

    IndexOutput output = directory.createOutput(segmentFileName);

    boolean success = false;

    try {
      output.writeInt(CURRENT_FORMAT); // write FORMAT
      output.writeLong(++version); // every write changes
                                   // the index
      output.writeInt(counter); // write counter
      output.writeInt(size()); // write infos
      for (int i = 0; i < size(); i++) {
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