Examples of update()

Examples of org.vngx.jsch.algorithm.SignatureDSA.update()

      byte[] y = hostKeyBuffer.getMPInt()// impint public key of dsa

      // Create SignatureDSA instance for verifying server host
      SignatureDSA sig = AlgorithmManager.getManager().createAlgorithm(Algorithms.SIGNATURE_DSS, _session);
      sig.setPubKey(y, p, q, g);
      return sig.verify(signatureOfH);
    } catch(Exception e) {
      throw new KexException("Failed to verify host key (DSA)", e);
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Examples of org.vngx.jsch.algorithm.SignatureRSA.update()

      byte[] n = hostKeyBuffer.getMPInt();

      // Create SignatureRSA instance for verifying server host
      SignatureRSA sig = AlgorithmManager.getManager().createAlgorithm(Algorithms.SIGNATURE_RSA, _session);
      sig.setPubKey(ee, n);
      return sig.verify(signatureOfH);
    } catch(Exception e) {
      throw new KexException("Failed to verify host key (RSA)", e);
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Examples of org.vngx.jsch.hash.Hash.update()

      int letterIndex = buffer.index;
      buffer.putByte((byte) 0x41)// 0x41 = 'A'
      hash.update(buffer.buffer, 0, buffer.index);
      byte[] c2sCipherIV = hash.digest();

      buffer.buffer[letterIndex]++;  // Increment to 'B'
      hash.update(buffer.buffer, 0, buffer.index);
      byte[] s2cCipherIV = hash.digest();
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Examples of org.vngx.jsch.hash.MAC.update()

    try // Create the hashed host using salt and MAC-SHA1
      synchronized( macsha1 ) {  // MAC is not thread-safe
        byte[] hostBytes = Util.str2byte(_host);
        macsha1.update(hostBytes, 0, hostBytes.length);
        _hashedHost = new byte[macsha1.getBlockSize()];
        macsha1.doFinal(_hashedHost, 0);
    } catch(Exception e) {
      throw new JSchException("Failed to create HashedHostKey: " + e, e);
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Examples of org.vosao.update.UpdateManager.update()

        String url = httpRequest.getServletPath();
        if (url.equals(UPDATE_URL)) {
          String msg = "<h2>Vosao CMS " + SetupBean.FULLVERSION + " Update</h2>";
          try {
            UpdateManager updateManager = new UpdateManager(getBusiness());
            String updateMsg = updateManager.update();
            if (StringUtils.isEmpty(updateMsg)) {
              updateMsg = "Database is already updated.";
            writeContent(httpResponse, msg + updateMsg);
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Examples of org.w3c.cvs.CvsDirectory.update()

    protected void update()
  throws CvsException
  CvsDirectory cvsdir = getCvsManager();

     * @exception CvsException if the CVS process failed
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Examples of org.waveprotocol.wave.client.account.impl.ProfileImpl.update()

    ParticipantId participantId = ParticipantId.ofUnsafe(fetchedProfile.getAddress());
    ProfileImpl profile = manager.getProfile(participantId);
    // Profiles already exist for all profiles that have been requested.
    assert profile != null;
    // Updates profiles - this also notifies listeners.
        .update(fetchedProfile.getName(), fetchedProfile.getName(), fetchedProfile.getImageUrl());

  public RemoteProfileManagerImpl() {
    fetchProfilesService = FetchProfilesServiceImpl.create();
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Examples of org.waveprotocol.wave.model.operation.wave.BlipContentOperation.update()

   * adapter.
  private void consume(DocOp op) {
    // Box as blip op, and update local blip
    BlipContentOperation blipOp = new BlipContentOperation(wavelet.createContext(), op);
    // Box as wavelet op, and pass to wavelet adapter
    outputSink.consume(new WaveletBlipOperation(getId(), blipOp));

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Examples of org.wicketstuff.gmap.GMap.update()

                    // AbstractAjaxBehaviors are not reusable, so we have
                    // to recreate:
                    // https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-713
                    moveEndBehavior = new MyDragEndListener();
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Examples of org.wso2.carbon.identity.entitlement.pip.PIPExtension.update()

            RequestCtx req = RequestCtx.getInstance(xacmlReq);
            List<PIPExtension> extensions = EntitlementServiceComponent.getPipConfig()
            for (Iterator iterator = extensions.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
                PIPExtension pipExtension = (PIPExtension) iterator.next();
            response = entitlementEngine.evaluate(req);
            return policyResponseBuilder.getXacmlResponse(response);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            log.error("Error occured while eveluating XACML request", e);
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