Examples of send()

Examples of EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.Callable.send()

                final int msgs = (MESSAGE_COUNT/PRODUCER_COUNT)+1;
                for (int i = 0; i < msgs; i++) {
                return null;
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Examples of akka.actor.Inbox.send()

        // Tell the 'greeter' to change its 'greeting' message
        greeter.tell(new WhoToGreet("akka"), ActorRef.noSender());

        // Ask the 'greeter for the latest 'greeting'
        // Reply should go to the "actor-in-a-box"
        inbox.send(greeter, new Greet());

        // Wait 5 seconds for the reply with the 'greeting' message
        Greeting greeting1 = (Greeting) inbox.receive(Duration.create(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS));
        System.out.println("Greeting: " + greeting1.message);
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Examples of akka.testkit.JavaTestKit.send()

    final Inbox inbox = Inbox.create(system);
    inbox.send(target, "hello");
    probe.send(probe.getLastSender(), "world");
    try {
      assert inbox.receive(Duration.create(1, TimeUnit.SECONDS)).equals("world");
    } catch (java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException e) {
      // timeout
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Examples of akka.testkit.TestProbe.send()

  public void mustBeAbleToCreateActorWIthConstructorParams() {
    ActorRef ref = system.actorOf(Props.create(ActorWithConstructorParams.class, "a", "b", new Integer(17), 18));
    final TestProbe probe = new TestProbe(system);
    probe.send(ref, "get");

  public void mustBeAbleToCreateActorWIthBoxedAndUnBoxedConstructorParams() {
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Examples of aleph.comm.CommunicationManager.send()

      // Fill in peers, using handshake with parent
      synchronized (lock) {  // only the paranoid survive
        thisPE.group = null;
        Integer id = new Integer(Aleph.getIntProperty("aleph.group", 0));
        cManager.send(thisPE.parent, new PEGroup.AskParent(thisPE, id, thisPE.index));
        while (thisPE.group == null) {
          try {lock.wait();} catch (InterruptedException e) {}
        Logger.fetal("PE started...");
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Examples of api.http.HttpRequest.send()

    httpQuery.add("Email", this.user);
    httpQuery.add("Passwd", this.password);
    httpQuery.add("service", this.service);
    httpQuery.add("source", this.source);
    String response = httpRequest.send();
    String responses[] = response.split("\n");
    String authHeader = "Auth=";
    for (String r : responses){
      if (r.indexOf(authHeader) == 0){
        this.authToken = r.substring(authHeader.length());
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Examples of au.com.cahaya.asas.net.mail.JavaMailClient.send()

      message.prepareToSend ();
    catch (MessagingException exc) {
      myLog.error ("send", exc);

   * @param args
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Examples of backtype.storm.messaging.IConnection.send()

      IConnection connection = connections.get(hostPort);
      if (null != connection) {
        ArrayList<ArrayList<TaskMessage>> bundle = bundles.get(hostPort);
        Iterator<TaskMessage> iter = getBundleIterator(bundle);
        if (null != iter && iter.hasNext()) {
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Examples of br.com.visualmidia.core.server.Communicate.send()

                        if(socket.isClosed()) {
                        String fileRemotePath = getPath(update.getBuildId(), file.getPath(), file.getName());
                        communicate.send("303, Vou te enviar um arquivo");
                        communicate.sendObject(new FileDescriptor(fileRemotePath, file.getName(), file.length(), Long.parseLong(update.getBuildId())));
                        if(communicate.receive().equals("309")) {
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Examples of ca.weblite.objc.Client.send()

        app.send("setDelegate:", this);
        long res = (Long)c.send("NSBundle", "loadNibFile:externalNameTable:withZone:", "MainMenu.nib", filesOwner.getPeer(), null);
        int numTopLevelObjects = ((Long)topLevelObjects.send("count")).intValue();
        Proxy mainWindow = null;
        for ( int i=0; i<numTopLevelObjects; i++){
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