Examples of readObject()

Examples of qat.common.TestObject.readObject()

  TestObject test=new TestObject();
  String eol = System.getProperty("line.separator");
  try {
      ConsoleServer.debugMsg("Processing DAEMONSTART_REQUEST",1);
      // read the serialized TestObject which we will execute
      // now send a signal indicating we are processing the request
      // create details about our agent to use in the trace file created by the ExecProcess object
      String details = "Local Address : "+socket.getLocalAddress().toString()+eol+
    "Port Number : "+portNo+eol+
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Examples of rocket.serialization.client.ObjectInputStream.readObject()

    Object result = null;
    boolean exceptionWasThrown = false;
    Method method = null;

    // read in the interface...
    final String interfaceName = (String) inputStream.readObject();
    final Class interfacee = this.getRequestedInterface(interfaceName);

    // verify the serviceProvider actually implements $interface
    this.checkServiceProvider(interfacee, serviceProvider);
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Examples of ru.vassaev.core.xml.FindStringStream.readObject()

      Object o = null;
      try {
        while ((ch = isr.read()) != -1) {
          fss.write((char) ch);
          if (fss.available() > 0)
            while ((r = fss.readObject()) != null) {
              if (r instanceof Skipped) {
                if ((prev != null) && (prev instanceof Prm)) {
                  ((Prm) prev).name = r.toString();
                  try {
                    o = cntx.getPrmByFullName(((Prm) prev).name);
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Examples of struct.StructUnpacker.readObject()

    try {
      FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(new File(acbFile));
      header = new ACBHeader();
      StructUnpacker up = JavaStruct.getUnpacker(fis,
      switch (header.ColorSpaceID) {
      case ACBHeader.RGB:
        rgbColors = new RGBColor[header.colorCount];
        for (int i = 0; i < header.colorCount; i++) {
          rgbColors[i] = new RGBColor();
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Examples of sun.rmi.server.MarshalInputStream.readObject()


    Object recover(InputStream in) throws Exception {
        MarshalInputStream s = new MarshalInputStream(in);
        return s.readObject();

     * Writes the representation (a serializable object) of an update
     * to a stream.  This callback is invoked when the client calls the
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Examples of voldemort.serialization.json.JsonReader.readObject()


    public ReadOnlyStorageMetadata(String json) {
        JsonReader reader = new JsonReader(new StringReader(json));

    public ReadOnlyStorageMetadata(File metadataFile) throws IOException {
        BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(metadataFile.getAbsolutePath()));
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Examples of xbird.util.io.CustomObjectInputStream.readObject()


    public static <T> T readObjectQuietly(final InputStream is, final ClassLoader cl) {
        try {
            final ObjectInputStream ois = new CustomObjectInputStream(is, cl);
            return (T) ois.readObject();
        } catch (IOException ioe) {
            throw new IllegalStateException(ioe);
        } catch (ClassNotFoundException ce) {
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