Examples of execute()

Examples of org.vfny.geoserver.Response.execute()

        //get the requst object from the operation
        Request request = (Request) OwsUtils.parameter(operation.getParameters(), Request.class);

        //the old contract specifies that execute must be called before
        // get content type

        //return the content type
        return delegate.getContentType(gs);
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Examples of org.vfny.geoserver.wms.responses.GetMapResponse.execute()

                "attachment; filename=" + filename.toString() + formatExtension);

        if ("download".equals(mode)){
            GetMapResponse wmsResponse = wms.getMap(request);
        } else {
            KMLNetworkLinkTransformer transformer = new KMLNetworkLinkTransformer();
            Charset encoding = request.getWMS().getCharSet();
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Examples of org.vfny.geoserver.wms.responses.featureInfo.FeatureTimeTemplate.execute()

    public void testEmpty() throws Exception {
        FeatureTimeTemplate template = new FeatureTimeTemplate();
        String[] result = template.execute( feature );
        assertEquals( 0, result.length );
    public void testTimestamp() throws Exception {
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Examples of org.vietspider.net.client.WebClient.execute()

    webClient.setURL(homepage, new URL(homepage));

    HttpHost httpHost = webClient.createHttpHost(homepage);
    HttpGet httpGet = webClient.createGetMethod(homepage, "http://www.google.com");

    HttpResponse response = webClient.execute(httpHost, httpGet);
    HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity();

    System.out.println("Login form get: " + response.getStatusLine());
    if (entity != null) entity.consumeContent();
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Examples of org.vnetcon.xml.ws.servlet.request.RequestHandler.execute()

      reqIn.read(buffer, 0, iLength);
      requestString = new String(buffer, 0, iLength);
        byte[] buf = null;
        rh = new RequestHandler(requestString, this.wsClass, this.hashWebMethods, requestUrl);
        reply = rh.execute();
        buf = reply.getBytes();
        if(buf.length > 10000000){
          throw new Exception("Buffer size exceed GAE limit 10.000.000 bytes: " + buf.length);
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Examples of org.voltdb.catalog.Catalog.execute()

public class TestCatalogSerialization extends TestCase {

    public void testSimplest() {
        Catalog catalog1 = new Catalog();

        String commands = catalog1.serialize();
        // System.out.println(commands);

        Catalog catalog2 = new Catalog();
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Examples of org.voltdb.client.exampleutils.ClientConnection.execute()

                long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis() + (1000l * this.duration);
                while (endTime > System.currentTimeMillis())
                        con.execute(procedure, (long)rand.nextInt(this.poolSize), this.wait);
                    catch(Exception x)
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Examples of org.waveprotocol.box.server.robots.operations.OperationService.execute()

      OperationServiceRegistry operationRegistry, OperationContext context, ParticipantId author) {
    try {
      OperationService service =
      ParticipantId proxyParticipant = OperationUtil.computeParticipant(operation, author);
      service.execute(operation, context, proxyParticipant);
    } catch (InvalidRequestException e) {
      LOG.warning("Operation " + operation + " failed to execute", e);
      context.constructErrorResponse(operation, e.getMessage());
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Examples of org.waveprotocol.wave.client.scheduler.Scheduler.IncrementalTask.execute()

  public void tick(int millisToAdvance) {
    currentTime += millisToAdvance;
    while (!tasks.isEmpty() && tasks.peek().getTime() <= currentTime) {
      TimedTask timedTask = tasks.poll();
      IncrementalTask task = timedTask.getTask();
      boolean doReschedule = task.execute();
      if (doReschedule) {
        // Note: If the next execution is at or before currentTime, the task
        // will be re-executed before this tick() call returns.
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Examples of org.webharvest.runtime.Scraper.execute()

        Scraper scraper = new Scraper(config, "c:/temp/scrapertest/");


        long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
        System.out.println("time elapsed: " + (System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime));

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