Examples of exec()

Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.SubtractDuration.exec()

        t3.set(1, "P1D");
        assertEquals(func1.exec(t1), new DateTime("2009-01-07T01:07:02.000Z"));
        assertEquals(func1.exec(t2), new DateTime("2008-02-06T02:07:02.000Z"));
        assertEquals(func1.exec(t3), new DateTime("2007-03-06T03:05:03.000Z"));
        assertEquals(func2.exec(t1), new DateTime("2009-01-07T01:07:00.000Z"));
        assertEquals(func2.exec(t2), new DateTime("2008-02-06T02:05:02.000Z"));
        assertEquals(func2.exec(t3), new DateTime("2007-03-04T03:05:03.000Z"));

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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TOBAG.exec()

        //test null value in input
        Set<Integer> s = new HashSet<Integer>();
        DataBag db = tb.exec(input);
        for (Tuple t : db) {
            s.add((Integer) t.get(0));

        // finally check the bag had everything we put in the tuple.
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TOKENIZE.exec()

        Tuple t2 = tf.newTuple(1);
        t2.set(0, null);
        Tuple t3 = tf.newTuple(0);
        TOKENIZE f = new TOKENIZE();
        DataBag b = f.exec(t1);
        Iterator<Tuple> i = b.iterator();
        Tuple rt = i.next();
        rt = i.next();
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TOMAP.exec()

  t.set(1, 1);
  t.set(2, "k2");
  t.set(3, 2.0);
  t.set(4, "k3");
  t.set(5, "foo");
  Map m = tm.exec(t);
  assertEquals("", m.get("k1"), 1);
  assertEquals("", m.get("k2"), 2.0);
  assertEquals("", m.get("k3"), "foo");

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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TOP.exec()

            nestedTuple.set(0, "group-" + i);
            nestedTuple.set(1, i);
        DataBag outBag = top.exec(inputTuple);
        assertEquals(outBag.size(), 10L);
        checkItemsGT(outBag, 1, 89);
        // two initial results
        Tuple init1 = (new TOP.Initial()).exec(inputTuple);
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TOTUPLE.exec()

        input = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple();
        for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i) {

        Tuple output = tt.exec(input);
        assertTrue(!(input == output));
        assertEquals(input, output);
        TOP top = new TOP();
        TupleFactory tupleFactory = TupleFactory.getInstance();
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.TRIM.exec()

    public void testTrim() throws IOException {
        TRIM trim = new TRIM();
        Tuple testTuple = Util.buildTuple("nospaces");
        assertEquals("nospaces".trim(), trim.exec(testTuple));
        testTuple = Util.buildTuple("spaces    ");
        assertEquals("spaces     ".trim(), trim.exec(testTuple));
        testTuple = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple();
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.ToDate.exec()

    public void testConversionBetweenDateTimeAndString() throws Exception {
        ToDate func1 = new ToDate();
        Tuple t1 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(1);
        t1.set(0, 1231290421000L);
        DateTime dt1 = func1.exec(t1);
        assertEquals(dt1, new DateTime("2009-01-07T01:07:01.000Z"));

        ToDateISO func2 = new ToDateISO();
        Tuple t2 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(1);
        t2.set(0, "2009-01-07T01:07:01.000Z");
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.ToDate2ARGS.exec()

        ToDate2ARGS func3 = new ToDate2ARGS();       
        Tuple t4 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(2);
        t4.set(0, "2009.01.07 AD at 01:07:01");
        t4.set(1, "yyyy.MM.dd G 'at' HH:mm:ss");
        DateTime dt4 = func3.exec(t4);
        assertEquals(dt4, new DateTime("2009-01-07T01:07:01.000Z"));

        Tuple t5 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(2);
        t5.set(0, "2009.01.07 AD at 01:07:01 +0800");
        t5.set(1, "yyyy.MM.dd G 'at' HH:mm:ss Z");
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Examples of org.apache.pig.builtin.ToDate3ARGS.exec()

        ToDate3ARGS func4 = new ToDate3ARGS();       
        Tuple t6 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(3);
        t6.set(0, "2009.01.07 AD at 01:07:01");
        t6.set(1, "yyyy.MM.dd G 'at' HH:mm:ss");
        t6.set(2, "+00:00");
        DateTime dt6 = func4.exec(t6);
        assertEquals(dt6, new DateTime("2009-01-07T01:07:01.000Z", DateTimeZone.forID("+00:00")));

        Tuple t7 = TupleFactory.getInstance().newTuple(3);
        t7.set(0, "2009.01.07 AD at 01:07:01 +0800");
        t7.set(1, "yyyy.MM.dd G 'at' HH:mm:ss Z");
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