Examples of data()

Examples of ariba.ui.aribaweb.util.AWFileData.data()

            setValueForBinding(fileData.fileIncomplete(), BindingNames.fileSizeExceeded);

            // Only one binding for file data is honored. Precedence order: file, input stream, byte array.
            if (parent().hasBinding(BindingNames.file)) {
                File file = fileData.file();
                if ((file == null) && (fileData.data() != null)) {
                    throw new AWGenericException("File binding not supported for in memory file uploads");
                setValueForBinding(file, BindingNames.file);
            else {
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Examples of chunmap.data.provider.shp.ShpDataSource.data()

        FeatureCollection fc = pDA.createFeatureList();
        fc.each(new VisitAction(){
      public void execute(Feature obj) {
        ShapeFeature shp = (ShapeFeature)obj;
        Object[] data=pDR.data(shp.getId());
              String s = data[labelColum].toString();
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Examples of cloudtrace.instrument.Span.data()

      try {
        MajorCompactionStats mcs = compactFiles(conf, fs, smallestFiles, filesToCompact.size() == 0 ? propogateDeletes : true, // always propagate
                                                                                                                               // deletes,
                                                                                                                               // unless last batch
            extent, compactTmpName);
        span.data("files", "" + smallestFiles.size());
        span.data("read", "" + mcs.entriesRead);
        span.data("written", "" + mcs.entriesWritten);
        long size = FileOperations.getInstance().getFileSize(compactTmpName, fs, conf,
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Examples of com.arjuna.mw.wscf.model.as.coordinator.xa.outcomes.XAOutcome.data()

      if (res instanceof XAOutcome)
    XAOutcome out = (XAOutcome) res;
    if (out.data() == null)
        passed = true;
        System.out.println("Result is: "+((XAException) out.data()));
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Examples of com.arjuna.mw.wscf.model.xa.outcomes.XAOutcome.data()

      if (res != null)
    if (res instanceof XAOutcome)
        XAOutcome co = (XAOutcome) res;
        XAException exp = (XAException) co.data();
        if (exp == null)
      if (co.completedStatus().equals(Failure.instance()))
          throw new javax.transaction.RollbackException();
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Examples of com.bbn.openmap.layer.specialist.SText.data()

    public SText createTextSText(String text, float latitude, float longitude) {
        SText py = new SText();
        py.ll1(new LLPoint(latitude, longitude));
        return py;

    //     public void drawTile(GraphicList spec, float dpplat, float
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Examples of com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.sabre.Fixup.data()


        // Set Volume Flags to 0 (Unused Field)
        Fixup volumeFlags = (Fixup) volumeFixups.get("volumeFlagsFixup");
        volumeFlags.data(new ByteDataReference(0));

        // Set Escape Sequences for UCS-2 level
        Fixup escapeSequences = (Fixup) volumeFixups.get("escapeSequencesFixup");
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Examples of com.google.api.services.analytics.Analytics.data()


    public JSONObject getProfileMetrics(String profileId) throws IOException {
        String formattedToday = DATE_TIME_FORMATTER.print(new DateTime());
        Analytics analytics = initializeAnalytics();
        GaData data = analytics.data().ga()
                .get("ga:" + profileId, formattedToday, formattedToday, "ga:visitors,ga:newVisits")

        if (CollectionUtils.isEmpty(data.getRows())) {
            return null;
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Examples of com.google.dart.engine.utilities.instrumentation.InstrumentationBuilder.data()

   * @return the new state of the content
  private CacheState checkContentState(CacheState newState) {
    if (contentState == CacheState.ERROR) {
      InstrumentationBuilder builder = Instrumentation.builder("SourceEntryImpl-checkContentState");
      builder.data("message", "contentState changing from " + contentState + " to " + newState);
      //builder.data("source", source.getFullName());
      builder.record(new AnalysisException());
    return newState;
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Examples of com.google.gwt.query.client.GQuery.data()

    //String oldZIndex = $element.css(ZINDEX_CSS);
    String oldZIndex = getZIndex($element.get(0).getStyle());
    if (oldZIndex != null) {
      $element.data(OLD_ZINDEX_KEY, oldZIndex);
    $element.css(ZINDEX_CSS, handler.getOptions().getZIndex().toString());

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