Examples of addColumn()

Examples of DisplayProject.ArrayColumnModel.addColumn()

            // the array column constructor as this rule applies only for list views, not array fields.
            cm.addColumn(ac, col.getTitle().toString(), col.getState() != Constants.FS_INVISIBLE);

            propNames[colNum] = col.getName().toString();
            if (col.getState() == Constants.FS_DRAG) {
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Examples of adipe.translate.sql.ColumnNamesImpl.addColumn()


    private ColumnNamesImpl addQualifiedColumnNames(String tableName, ColumnNamesImpl withoutQualified) {
        ColumnNamesImpl named = new ColumnNamesImpl(withoutQualified);
        for (Entry<String, SimpleColumn> entry : withoutQualified.columnsMultimap().entries()) {
            named.addColumn(tableName+"."+entry.getKey(), entry.getValue());
        return named;

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Examples of ar.com.fdvs.dj.domain.builders.DynamicReportBuilder.addColumn()


    // Add the columns to the report in the whished order

    // // TEST
    // Style atStyle = new
    // StyleBuilder(true).setFont(Font.COMIC_SANS_SMALL).setTextColor(Color.red).build();
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Examples of ar.com.fdvs.dj.domain.builders.FastReportBuilder.addColumn()

    public InputStream generateGridReport(String docType, GridDTO data) {
        try {
            FastReportBuilder reportBuilder = new FastReportBuilder();
            reportBuilder.setTitle("IWebMvc - Sample Grid Report").setSubtitle("Generated at " + new Date()).setUseFullPageWidth(true);
            for (String column : data.getColumns()) reportBuilder.addColumn(column, column, String.class.getName(), 1);
            JRDataSource ds = new JRBeanCollectionDataSource(data.getData(), false);
            JasperPrint jp = DynamicJasperHelper.generateJasperPrint(reportBuilder.build(), new ClassicLayoutManager(), ds);
            return "EXCEL".equals(docType) ? exportToExcel(jp) : exportToPDF(jp);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new IWebMvcException("Error building grid report", e);
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Examples of backtype.storm.contrib.hbase.utils.TridentConfig.addColumn()


    // Trident updater
    TridentConfig updateConfig = new TridentConfig("shorturl", "shortid");
    updateConfig.addColumn("data", "url");
    updateConfig.addColumn("data", "user");
    updateConfig.addColumn("data", "date");

    TridentTopology topology = new TridentTopology();
    topology.newStream("shorturls", spout).partitionPersist(
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Examples of backtype.storm.contrib.hbase.utils.TupleTableConfig.addColumn()

     * to set the CQ name. For example if the 'date' output field exists in the
     * tuple then its value (e.g. "YYYYMMDD") will be used to set the counters
     * CQ. However, the 'clicks' output field does not exist in the tuple so in
     * this case the counters CQ will be set to the given field name 'clicks'.
    config.addColumn("data", "clicks");
    config.addColumn("daily", "date");

    // Add HBaseBolt
    builder.setBolt("hbase-counters", new HBaseCountersBolt(config), 1)
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Examples of com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.meta.TypedRow.addColumn()

    temp[1] = 24;
    NoSqlTypedSession s = mgr.getTypedSession();
    TypedRow row2 = s.createTypedRow("Owner");
    row2.addColumn("name", "dean");
    row2.addColumn("unknown", temp);
    row2.addColumn("decimal", new BigDecimal(52.32));
    row2.addColumn("integer", BigInteger.valueOf(54));
    row2.addColumn("boolean", true);
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Examples of com.arconsis.android.datarobot.builder.schema.data.Table.addColumn()

          return null;
        ColumnReader columnReader = new ColumnReader(column, messager);
        Column read = columnReader.read();
        if (read != null) {

      VariableElement association = child.accept(new AssociationElementResolvingTypeVisitor(), null);
      if (association != null) {
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Examples of com.esri.sde.sdk.client.SeTable.addColumn()

                            // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
                            // END of horrible HACK //
                            // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
                            LOGGER.fine("Adding column " + newCol.getName()
                                    + " to the actual table.");

                    LOGGER.fine("deleting the 'workaround' column...");
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Examples of com.facebook.presto.metadata.ColumnFileHandle.Builder.addColumn()

        Builder builder = ColumnFileHandle.builder(shardId);
        for (ColumnHandle handle : columnHandles) {
            File tmpfile = File.createTempFile("mock-storage", "mock", storageFolder);
            builder.addColumn(handle, tmpfile);
        return builder.build();

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