Examples of Task

Examples of Framework.Task

      if (signal == null) {
        return send();
    } else {
      final MessageReceiver finalSignal = signal;
      final HTTPBaseRequest  finalRequest = this;
      Thread t = new Task("HTTPBaseRequest.send") {
        public void run() {
          HTTPBaseResponse response = send();
          finalSignal.process(finalRequest, response);

      return null;
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Examples of bg.smoc.model.Task

    public void testZipExtraction() throws ServletException, IOException {
        servlet = new UploadTestDataServlet();
        HttpServletRequest request = createMock(HttpServletRequest.class);
        HttpServletResponse response = createMock(HttpServletResponse.class);
        Task task = createTask();
        servlet.unzipStream(request, response, new FileInputStream("/home/zbogi/Desktop/t1.zip"), task, null, null);
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Examples of br.com.caelum.vraptor.tasks.Task

  public Job newJob(TriggerFiredBundle bundle, Scheduler scheduler) throws SchedulerException {

    JobDetail detail = bundle.getJobDetail();
    JobProvider provider = providers.getProvider(detail.getJobClass());
    Task task = factory.newTask(taskClass(detail), detail);
    logger.debug("Using {} to provide {}", provider.getClass().getName(), task.getClass().getName());
    return provider.newJob(task, task.getClass().getAnnotation(Scheduled.class));

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Examples of ch.bsgroup.scrumit.domain.Task

   * Delete Task
  public void removeTask(int taskId){
    Task t = findTaskById(taskId);

    SessionFactory sessionFactory = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory();
    Session sess = sessionFactory.getCurrentSession();

    Transaction tx = sess.beginTransaction();
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Examples of ch.idsia.ai.tasks.Task

        Agent controller = RegisterableAgent.load (args[0]);
        RegisterableAgent.registerAgent (controller);
        EvaluationOptions options = new CmdLineOptions(new String[0]);
        options.setPauseWorld (false);
        Task task = new ProgressTask(options);
        for (int i = 0; i < repetitions; i++) {
            System.out.println ("Score: " + task.evaluate (controller)[0]);
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Examples of ch.njol.skript.util.Task

  static Task checkerTask = null;
  static void start() {
    checkerTask = new Task(Skript.getInstance(), 0, true) {
      public void run() {
        if (!SkriptConfig.checkForNewVersion.value())
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Examples of cl.niclabs.skandium.system.Task

  public Future<R> input(P param){
        StackBuilder builder = new StackBuilder();
        Task task = new Task(param, builder.stack, executor);
    return (Future<R>)task.getFuture();
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Examples of cn.com.manager.domains.Task

            Process nodeProcess = ProcessFactory.getProcess(nodeName);
            if (!(nodeProcess instanceof InitiationProcess)) {
                throw new AppException("E1200000", nodeName);
            // 创建任务
            Task task = ((InitiationProcess) nodeProcess).createTask();
            returnValue = nodeProcess.execute(processData);
        } catch (AppException ex) {
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Examples of com.acelet.s.task.Task

    long now = System.currentTimeMillis();
    Enumeration enumeration = Registry.taskHashtable.elements();
    while (enumeration.hasMoreElements()) {
      Task task = (Task) enumeration.nextElement();
      long duration = task.duration;
      WorkingTask workingTask = null;
      if (task.duration > 0) {
        for (int i = 0; i < Registry.workingTaskVector.size(); i++) {
          workingTask = (WorkingTask) Registry.workingTaskVector.elementAt(i);
          if (task.getId() == workingTask.getId0()) {
            if (workingTask.status == WorkingTask.STATUS_STARTED) {
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Examples of com.adito.tasks.Task

    public ActionForward unspecified(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request,
                                     HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {

        // Get the task and add some progress bars
        Task task = (Task) request.getAttribute(TaskHttpServletRequest.ATTR_TASK);
        TaskProgressBar overallProgress = new TaskProgressBar("overall", 0, 10, 0);
        overallProgress.setNote(new BundleActionMessage("install", "taskProgress.install.overall.note"));
        TaskProgressBar atomicProgress = new TaskProgressBar("atomic", 0, 100, 0);

        // Do the install
        List<WizardActionStatus> actionStatus = new ArrayList<WizardActionStatus>();
        ((InstallForm) form).setActionStatus(actionStatus);
        AbstractWizardSequence seq = getWizardSequence(request);


         * Do common stuff and get where to go next. This must be a redirect so
         * the task monitor works properly
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