Examples of Schema

Examples of org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc2.schema.Schema

   public Schema getSchema()
      schema = (Schema)getApplicationData(SCHEMA);
      if(schema == null)
         schema = new Schema(container.getEjbModule().getServiceName().getCanonicalName());
         putApplicationData(SCHEMA, schema);
      return schema;
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Examples of org.jooq.Schema


    public void testRenderSchema() {
        Schema schema = new SchemaImpl("S");
        Table<?> table = new TableImpl<Record>("T", schema);

        DSLContext create0 = DSL.using(SQLDialect.POSTGRES);
        assertEquals("\"S\".\"T\"", create0.render(table));
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Examples of org.jooq.util.jaxb.Schema

public class SQLiteDatabase extends AbstractDatabase {

    public SQLiteDatabase() {

        // SQLite doesn't know schemata
        Schema schema = new Schema();

        List<Schema> schemata = new ArrayList<Schema>();

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Examples of org.jsonschema2pojo.Schema

    public void selfRefWithoutParentFile() throws IOException {
        JCodeModel codeModel = new JCodeModel();
        JsonNode schema = new ObjectMapper().readTree("{\"type\":\"object\", \"properties\":{\"a\":{\"$ref\":\"#/b\"}}, \"b\":\"string\"}");
        JPackage p = codeModel._package("com.example");
        new RuleFactory().getSchemaRule().apply("Example", schema, p, new Schema(null, schema));
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Examples of org.lealone.dbobject.Schema

     * @param query the query
     * @param topQuery the top level query
     * @return the view table
    public static TableView createTempView(Session session, User owner, String name, Query query, Query topQuery) {
        Schema mainSchema = session.getDatabase().getSchema(Constants.SCHEMA_MAIN);
        String querySQL = query.getPlanSQL();
        TableView v = new TableView(mainSchema, 0, name, querySQL, query.getParameters(), null, session, false);
        if (v.createException != null) {
            throw v.createException;
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Examples of org.nasutekds.server.types.Schema

   * @return <CODE>true</CODE> if the attribute has an image syntax and
   * <CODE>false</CODE> otherwise.
  private boolean hasImageSyntax(String attrName)
    Schema schema = getInfo().getServerDescriptor().getSchema();
    return Utilities.hasImageSyntax(attrName, schema);
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Examples of org.neo4j.graphdb.schema.Schema


    public void shouldReturnResultsLabeledIndexOnVertexWithHasHas() {
        final Schema schema = this.g.getBaseGraph().schema();
        this.g.addVertex(T.label, "Person", "name", "marko");
        this.g.addVertex(T.label, "Person", "name", "marko");
        assertEquals(2, this.g.V().has(T.label, "Person").has("name", "marko").count().next(), 0);
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Examples of org.olap4j.metadata.Schema

    public void testHashCompatibility() throws Exception {
        connection = tester.createConnection();
        OlapConnection olapConnection =
            tester.getWrapper().unwrap(connection, OlapConnection.class);
        Schema schema = olapConnection.getOlapSchema();
        Cube cube = schema.getCubes().get("Sales");

        Map<Dimension, String> dimensionMap =
            new HashMap<Dimension, String>();
        Dimension dim1 = cube.getDimensions().get("Promotion Media");
        dimensionMap.put(dim1, "Test1");
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Examples of org.opengis.feature.type.Schema

     * Test that this class can be loaded.
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Schema schema = new GMLSchema();
        for (Entry<Name, AttributeType> entry : new TreeMap<Name, AttributeType>(schema).entrySet()) {
            System.out.println("Type: " + entry.getValue().getName());
            System.out.println("    Super type: " + entry.getValue().getSuper().getName());
            if (entry.getValue() instanceof ComplexType) {
                for (PropertyDescriptor descriptor : ((ComplexType) entry.getValue())
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Examples of org.openmhealth.reference.domain.Schema

    else {
    // Get the schema.
    Schema schema =
      Registry.getInstance().getSchema(schemaId, schemaVersion);
    // Make sure the schema exists.
    if(schema == null) {
        new NoSuchSchemaException(
          "The schema with id '" +
            schemaId +
            "' and version '" +
            schemaVersion +
            "' does not exist.");
    // Convert the result to a map.
    ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
    // We need to suppress Java's type erasure. :(
    Map<String, Object> metaData =
      mapper.convertValue(schema, Map.class);
    // Remove the schema from the meta-data.
    // Save the meta-data.
    // Set the schema itself as the data.
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