Examples of Query

Examples of ch.ethz.inf.vs.californium.plugtests.resources.Query

          .setInt(NetworkConfigDefaults.NOTIFICATION_CHECK_INTERVAL_TIME, 30000);
        // add resources to the server
        add(new DefaultTest());
        add(new LongPath());
        add(new Query());
        add(new Separate());
        add(new Large());
        add(new LargeUpdate());
        add(new LargeCreate());
        add(new LargePost());
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Examples of com.adidas.dam.marvin.client.query.Query

    Query q = QueryBuilder
      .withFilter(new AndFilter(
          new AssetFilter(ProductImageAsset.ARTICLE_NUMBER, Operand.EQUAL, "G17068")
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Examples of com.aneeshpu.dpdeppop.query.Query


    private void deleteSelf(final Connection connection) throws SQLException {
        final Query deleteQueryQuery = queryFactory.generateDeleteQuery(getPrimaryKeyColumn(), this.preassignedValues, this, connection);
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Examples of com.antlersoft.bbq_eclipse.searchresult.Query

                AnalyzerQuery qp=Bbq_eclipsePlugin.getDefault().getQueryParser();
                qp.setLine( line);
                  SetExpression se=qp.getExpression();
                  NewSearchUI.runQueryInBackground( new Query( se, line));
                    _historyList.add( line, 0);
                catch ( ParseException pe)
                    MessageBox mb=new MessageBox( getSite().getShell(), SWT.ICON_ERROR|SWT.OK);
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Examples of com.apitrary.api.annotation.Query

  public static <T> HashMap<String, String> resolveQueryPart(Request<T> request) {
    HashMap<String, String> queryParts = new HashMap<String, String>();
    Class<?> referenceClazz = request.getClass();
    List<Field> fields = ClassUtil.getAnnotatedFields(referenceClazz, Query.class);
    for (Field field : fields) {
      Query query = field.getAnnotation(Query.class);
      String key = query.value();

      // in case the value() is null or empty: continue
      if (key == null || (key != null && key.isEmpty())) {
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Examples of com.atlassian.query.Query

          log.warn("No projects for client: " + clientName + " have an issue type of Incident.");

        // create the search for the client and projects
        Query query = buildSearch(securityLevel, clientName, projectCollection, issueTypeCollection);
//        log.debug("Built search request.");

        try {
          SearchResults searchResults = searchService.search(jiraServiceContextImpl.getUser(), query, PagerFilter.getUnlimitedFilter());
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Examples of com.buschmais.cdo.api.Query

        Long getDeleted();

    private void runQueryUntilResultIsZero(String deleteNodesAndRels) {
        Query deleteNodesAndRelQuery = cdoManager.createQuery(deleteNodesAndRels, DeletedCount.class);
        Long result;
        do {
            result = ((DeletedCount) deleteNodesAndRelQuery.execute().getSingleResult()).getDeleted();
        } while (result > 0);
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Examples of com.buschmais.jqassistant.core.model.api.rule.Query

     * @param parameterTypes The {@link ParameterType}s.
     * @param defaultValues  The default values to use.
     * @return The {@link Query}.
    private Query createQuery(String cypher, List<ParameterType> parameterTypes, Map<String, Object> defaultValues) {
        Query query = new Query();
        for (ParameterType parameterType : parameterTypes) {
            query.getParameters().put(parameterType.getName(), getValue(parameterType.getType(), parameterType.getValue()));
        return query;
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Examples of com.caucho.bam.packet.Query

      getBroker().queryError(id, from, to, query,

    enqueue(new Query(id, to, from, query));
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Examples of com.caucho.db.sql.Query

    Database db = getDatabase();
    if (db == null)
      throw new SQLException(L.l("statement is closed"));

    Query query = db.parseQuery(sql);
    java.sql.ResultSet rs = executeQuery(query, getQueryContext());

    return rs;
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