Examples of Parser

Examples of Coco.Parser

    copyFile(ScannerFrame, ScannerFrameCopy);
    copyFile(ParserFrame, ParserFrameCopy);
    //create Scanner, Parser and configuration files for this new editor 
    Parser parser = CoreUtilities.generateEditor(atgCopy.getAbsolutePath(), test, test, test, null, null);


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Examples of abbot.script.parsers.Parser

        assertEquals("Bad replacement", s2,
                     ArgumentParser.replace(s1, "st", "XX"));

    public void testLoadParser() {
        Parser cvt = ArgumentParser.getParser(java.io.File.class);
        assertEquals("Wrong class loaded",
                     abbot.script.parsers.FileParser.class, cvt.getClass());
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Examples of abc.parser

      StringReader r = new StringReader(s);
      log("Realizando análisis sintáctico...");
      //InputStream is = new FileInputStream("/home/sgm/ejemplo.yml");
      lexLog = new LexLog(log, s);
      parser p = new parser(new LexAnalyzer(r, lexLog), lexLog);     
      Symbol simbol = p.parse();
      log("Análisis sintáctico finalizado (" + lexLog.getErrorCount() + " errores).");
    } catch (IOException ex) {
      log("Error durante el análisis léxico \n"+ex);
    } catch (Exception e) {
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Examples of anvil.parser.Parser


  public ModuleStatement parseTemplate() throws IOException, ForgingException
    Parser parser = new Parser();
    parser.parse(this, _url, _input);
    ModuleStatement script = _script;
    if (script == null) {
      error(getLocation(), "Document doesn't contain template");
    if (_errorListener != null) {
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Examples of at.ssw.coco.lib.model.atgAst.internal.Parser

  public AtgAst(InputStream in) {

    try {
      Scanner scanner = new Scanner(in);
      UTF8BufferUtil.forceUseOfUTF8Buffer(scanner); //workaround for UTF8-files without BOM
      Parser parser = new Parser(scanner);
      root = parser.getRoot();
    } catch (Exception e) {
      root = null;
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Examples of at.ssw.coco.lib.model.atgmodel.impl.Parser

  private void initATGModel(DocumentScanner scanner) {
    try {
      Parser parser = new Parser(scanner);
      fRoot = parser.getOutline();
    } catch (Exception e) {
      fRoot = new ATGSegment(ATGSegment.Type.ERROR, "An error occured parsing this file!");
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Examples of att.grappa.Parser

      original = new File(projectRoot, "test/dotFiles/cfg/saved/"
          + testName);
      if (!original.exists())
        throw new FileNotFoundException(original.getAbsolutePath());

      Parser graphParser = new Parser(new FileInputStream(original));
      Graph realGraph;

      realGraph = graphParser.getGraph();
      return areGraphsEqual(testGraph, realGraph);
    } finally {
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Examples of barrysoft.web.Parser

                      "[city] is the capital of [country]\\s"+
                      "The native name of [country] is (.+?)$";
  public void testParse() {
    Parser p = new Parser("Test Parser");
    p.addRuleParam(parseRule, p.new ParserRuleParam("city", "Rome"));
    p.addRuleParam(parseRule, p.new ParserRuleParam("country", "Italy"));*/
    ParserRule pr = new ParserRule(parseRule);
    pr.addParam(new ParserRuleParam("city", "Rome"));
    pr.addParam(new ParserRuleParam("country", "Italy"));
    String[][] results = p.getRule(0).getResults();
    checkResults(results, 1, new int[] {2});
    assertEquals("Wrong group data.", "Roma", results[0][0]);
    assertEquals("Wrong group data.", "Italia", results[0][1]);
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Examples of blackberry.common.util.json4j.internal.Parser

     * @throws JSONException Thrown when the string passed is null, or malformed JSON..
    public JSONObject(String str) throws JSONException {
        JSON4JStringReader reader = new JSON4JStringReader(str);
        (new Parser(reader)).parse(this);
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Examples of br.com.caelum.tubaina.parser.Parser

    RegexConfigurator conf = new RegexConfigurator();
    if (latex) {
      List<Tag> tags = conf.read("/regex.properties", "/latex.properties");

      Parser parser = new LatexParser(tags, showNotes, noAnswer);
      LatexGenerator generator = new LatexGenerator(parser, templateDir, noAnswer);
      File file = new File(outputDir, "latex");
      try {
        generator.generate(b, file, outputFileName);
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