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  public static NavigableSet<Path> getSplitEditFilesSorted(final FileSystem fs,
      final Path regiondir)
  throws IOException {
    NavigableSet<Path> filesSorted = new TreeSet<Path>();
    Path editsdir = getRegionDirRecoveredEditsDir(regiondir);
    if (!fs.exists(editsdir)) return filesSorted;
    FileStatus[] files = FSUtils.listStatus(fs, editsdir, new PathFilter() {
      public boolean accept(Path p) {
        boolean result = false;
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   * @throws IOException
  public static Path moveAsideBadEditsFile(final FileSystem fs,
      final Path edits)
  throws IOException {
    Path moveAsideName = new Path(edits.getParent(), edits.getName() + "." +
    if (!fs.rename(edits, moveAsideName)) {
      LOG.warn("Rename failed from " + edits + " to " + moveAsideName);
    return moveAsideName;
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   * @param regiondir This regions directory in the filesystem.
   * @return The directory that holds recovered edits files for the region
   * <code>regiondir</code>
  public static Path getRegionDirRecoveredEditsDir(final Path regiondir) {
    return new Path(regiondir, RECOVERED_EDITS_DIR);
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  throws IOException {
    FileSystem fs = FileSystem.get(conf);
    if (!fs.exists(p)) {
      throw new FileNotFoundException(p.toString());
    final Path baseDir = new Path(conf.get(HConstants.HBASE_DIR));
    final Path oldLogDir = new Path(baseDir, HConstants.HREGION_OLDLOGDIR_NAME);
    if (!fs.getFileStatus(p).isDir()) {
      throw new IOException(p + " is not a directory");

    HLogSplitter logSplitter = HLogSplitter.createLogSplitter(
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      Configuration conf = HBaseConfiguration.create();
      for (int i = 1; i < args.length; i++) {
        try {
          conf.set("", args[i]);
          conf.set("fs.defaultFS", args[i]);
          Path logPath = new Path(args[i]);
          split(conf, logPath);
        } catch (Throwable t) {
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  throws IOException {
    super(conf, region.getRegionInfo().getTableNameAsString(),
    HRegionInfo info = region.getRegionInfo();
    this.fs = fs;
    Path p = getStoreHomedir(basedir, info.getEncodedName(), family.getName());
    this.homedir = createStoreHomeDir(this.fs, p);
    this.region = region; = family;
    this.conf = conf;
    this.blocksize = family.getBlocksize();
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   * @param family
   * @return Path to family/Store home directory.
  public static Path getStoreHomedir(final Path tabledir,
      final String encodedName, final String family) {
    return new Path(tabledir, new Path(encodedName, new Path(family)));
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   * @param parentRegionDirectory directory for the parent region
   * @param family family name of this store
   * @return Path to the family/Store home directory
  public static Path getStoreHomedir(final Path parentRegionDirectory, final byte[] family) {
    return new Path(parentRegionDirectory, new Path(Bytes.toString(family)));
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    for (int i = 0; i < files.length; i++) {
      // Skip directories.
      if (files[i].isDir()) {
      final Path p = files[i].getPath();
      // Check for empty hfile. Should never be the case but can happen
      // after data loss in hdfs for whatever reason (upgrade, etc.): HBASE-646
      // NOTE: that the HFileLink is just a name, so it's an empty file.
      if (!HFileLink.isHFileLink(p) && this.fs.getFileStatus(p).getLen() <= 0) {
        LOG.warn("Skipping " + p + " because its empty. HBASE-646 DATA LOSS?");
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   * This method should only be called from HRegion.  It is assumed that the
   * ranges of values in the HFile fit within the stores assigned region.
   * (assertBulkLoadHFileOk checks this)
  void bulkLoadHFile(String srcPathStr) throws IOException {
    Path srcPath = new Path(srcPathStr);

    // Move the file if it's on another filesystem
    FileSystem srcFs = srcPath.getFileSystem(conf);
    FileSystem desFs = fs instanceof HFileSystem ? ((HFileSystem)fs).getBackingFs() : fs;
    //We can't compare FileSystem instances as
    //equals() includes UGI instance as part of the comparison
    //and won't work when doing SecureBulkLoad
    //TODO deal with viewFS
    if (!srcFs.getUri().equals(desFs.getUri())) {"File " + srcPath + " on different filesystem than " +
          "destination store - moving to this filesystem.");
      Path tmpPath = getTmpPath();
      FileUtil.copy(srcFs, srcPath, fs, tmpPath, false, conf);"Copied to temporary path on dst filesystem: " + tmpPath);
      srcPath = tmpPath;

    Path dstPath = StoreFile.getRandomFilename(fs, homedir);
    LOG.debug("Renaming bulk load file " + srcPath + " to " + dstPath);
    StoreFile.rename(fs, srcPath, dstPath);

    StoreFile sf = new StoreFile(fs, dstPath, this.conf, this.cacheConf,, this.dataBlockEncoder);
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