Examples of NodeId

Examples of cartago.NodeId

      if (port1 != -1){
        port = port1;
      Client client = new Client(address, port, callHandler);
      ICartagoNodeRemote env = (ICartagoNodeRemote) client.getGlobal(ICartagoNodeRemote.class);
      NodeId nodeId = env.getNodeId();
      return nodeId;   
    } catch (IOException ex) {
      throw new CartagoInfrastructureLayerException();
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Examples of com.google.inject.grapher.NodeId

  @Override protected void newInterfaceNode(InterfaceNode node) {
    // TODO(phopkins): Show the Module on the graph, which comes from the
    // class name when source is a StackTraceElement.

    NodeId nodeId = node.getId();
    GraphvizNode gnode = new GraphvizNode(nodeId);
    Key<?> key = nodeId.getKey();
    gnode.addSubtitle(0, nameFactory.getAnnotationName(key));
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.tdb.store.NodeId

        DatasetGraphTDB dsg = (DatasetGraphTDB)(ds.asDatasetGraph()) ;
        final NodeTable nodeTable = dsg.getQuadTable().getNodeTupleTable().getNodeTable() ;
        // Filtering operates at a very low level:
        // need to know the internal identifier for the graph name.
        final NodeId target = nodeTable.getNodeIdForNode(Node.createURI(graphToHide)) ;

        System.out.println("Hide graph: "+graphToHide+" --> "+target) ;
        // Filter for accept/reject as quad as being visible.
        // Return true for "accept", false for "reject"
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Examples of com.hp.hpl.jena.tdb.store.NodeId

        int N = r.getKey().length/SizeOfLong ;
        NodeId[] nodeIds = new NodeId[N] ;
        for ( int i = 0 ; i < N ; i++ )
            long x = Bytes.getLong(r.getKey(), i*SizeOfLong) ;
            NodeId id = NodeId.create(x) ;
            int j = i ;
            if ( cMap != null )
                j = cMap.fetchSlotIdx(i) ;
            nodeIds[j] = id ;
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Examples of com.projectlibre.core.nodes.NodeId

  public void from(net.sf.mpxj.ResourceAssignment mpxAssignment, Assignment assignment, MpxImportState state) {
    Resource resource;
    if (mpxAssignment.getResourceUniqueID().intValue() == Resource.UNASSIGNED_ID)
    else resource = state.getResource(new NodeId(mpxAssignment.getResource().getUniqueID()));
    if (resource==null)
      return; //TODO handle error or log
    //convert fields
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Examples of org.apache.agila.model.NodeID

        answer = dao.lockTaskForUser(taskID, new UserID(2));
        assertTrue("Managed to lock task", answer);

    public void testNewToken() {
        Token token = dao.newToken(new InstanceID(1), new NodeID(1), Token.PRE);

        assertNotNull( "Token should not be null", token );
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Examples of org.apache.cassandra.utils.NodeId

        Table table = Table.open(Table.SYSTEM_TABLE);
        QueryFilter filter = QueryFilter.getIdentityFilter(decorate(ALL_LOCAL_NODE_ID_KEY),
                new QueryPath(NODE_ID_CF));
        ColumnFamily cf = table.getColumnFamilyStore(NODE_ID_CF).getColumnFamily(filter);

        NodeId previous = null;
        for (IColumn c : cf.getReverseSortedColumns())
            if (previous != null)
                l.add(new NodeId.NodeIdRecord(previous, c.timestamp()));
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Examples of org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.NodeId

    return containerId;

  public static NodeId getMockNodeId(String host, int port) {
    NodeId nodeId = mock(NodeId.class);
    return nodeId;
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Examples of org.apache.jackrabbit.core.NodeId

            // do create new node
            node = itemOps.createNodeState(parent, nodeInfo.getName(),
                    nodeInfo.getNodeTypeName(), nodeInfo.getMixinNames(),
        } else if (uuidBehavior == ImportUUIDBehavior.IMPORT_UUID_COLLISION_REPLACE_EXISTING) {
            NodeId parentId = conflicting.getParentId();
            if (parentId == null) {
                String msg = "root node cannot be replaced";
                throw new RepositoryException(msg);
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Examples of org.apache.jackrabbit.core.id.NodeId

    public Authorizable getAuthorizable(Principal principal) throws RepositoryException {
        NodeImpl n = null;
        // shortcuts that avoids executing a query.
        if (principal instanceof AuthorizableImpl.NodeBasedPrincipal) {
            NodeId nodeId = ((AuthorizableImpl.NodeBasedPrincipal) principal).getNodeId();
            try {
                n = session.getNodeById(nodeId);
            } catch (ItemNotFoundException e) {
                // no such authorizable -> null
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