Examples of MetaData

Examples of org.glassfish.admin.amx.impl.j2ee.Metadata

        final DomainRoot domainRootProxy = ProxyFactory.getInstance(mMBeanServer).getDomainRootProxy(false);
        final ObjectName domainRoot = domainRootProxy.objectName();
        final ObjectNameBuilder objectNames = new ObjectNameBuilder(mMBeanServer, domainRoot);
        final String domainName = Util.getNameProp(domainRoot);

        final Metadata metadata = new MetadataImpl();
        metadata.add(Metadata.CORRESPONDING_CONFIG, domainRootProxy.child(Domain.class).objectName());

        String serverName = mHabitat.getComponent(Server.class).getName();

        final J2EEDomainImpl impl = new J2EEDomainImpl(domainRoot, metadata);
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Examples of org.glassfish.api.deployment.MetaData

     * @return the meta data for this Deployer
    public MetaData getMetaData() {
        return new MetaData(false, null, new Class[] {Application.class});
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Examples of org.glassfish.hk2.api.Metadata

                return annotationClass.getDeclaredMethods();
      for (Method annotationMethod : annotationMethods) {
          Metadata metadataAnno = annotationMethod.getAnnotation(Metadata.class);
          if (metadataAnno == null) continue;
          String key = metadataAnno.value();
          Object addMe;
          try {
              addMe = ReflectionHelper.invoke(annotation, annotationMethod, new Object[0]);
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Examples of org.guvnor.common.services.shared.metadata.model.Metadata


        //Save update
        if ( isModified ) {
            final Metadata metadata = metadataService.getMetadata( context );
            projectService.save( externalImportsPath,
                                 "Imports added during XLS conversion" );
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Examples of org.infinispan.Metadata

   public final MVCCEntry wrapEntryForPut(InvocationContext ctx, Object key, InternalCacheEntry icEntry,
         boolean undeleteIfNeeded, FlagAffectedCommand cmd) throws InterruptedException {
      CacheEntry cacheEntry = getFromContext(ctx, key);
      MVCCEntry mvccEntry;
      if (cacheEntry != null && cacheEntry.isNull()) cacheEntry = null;
      Metadata providedMetadata = extractMetadata(cmd);
      if (cacheEntry != null) {
         mvccEntry = wrapMvccEntryForPut(ctx, key, cacheEntry, providedMetadata);
      } else {
         InternalCacheEntry ice = (icEntry == null ? getFromContainer(key) : icEntry);
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Examples of org.infinispan.metadata.Metadata

      return new TransactionXaAdapter(txTable, recoveryManager, txCoordinator, commandsFactory, rpcManager, null, config, name);

   public final V put(K key, V value, long lifespan, TimeUnit lifespanUnit, long maxIdleTime, TimeUnit idleTimeUnit) {
      Metadata metadata = new EmbeddedMetadata.Builder()
            .lifespan(lifespan, lifespanUnit)
            .maxIdle(maxIdleTime, idleTimeUnit).build();
      return put(key, value, metadata, null, null);
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Examples of org.jboss.forge.addon.ui.util.Metadata

      if (!project.hasFacet(FacesFacet.class))

      Metadata compositeSetupMetadata = Metadata.forCommand(ScaffoldSetupWizard.class)
               .name("Setup Facets")
               .description("Setup all dependent facets for the Faces scaffold.");
      builder.add(compositeSetupMetadata, setupCommands);
      return builder.build();
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Examples of org.jboss.metadata.spi.MetaData

               for(BeanMetaData bmd : beans)
                  String name = bmd.getName();
                  ControllerContext context = getKernelController().getContext(bmd.getName(), null);
                  MetaData metaData = getMetaDataRepository().getMetaData(context);
                  // Create the managed object
                  ManagedObject mo = managedObjectFactory.initManagedObject(bmd, null, metaData, name, null);
                  if(mo != null)
                     managedObjects.put(name, mo);
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Examples of org.jboss.repository.spi.MetaData

          String levelKey = CommonNames.LEVELS[n];
          String value = (String) attributes.get(levelKey);
          tmp.put(levelKey, value);
          Key tmpKey = new Key(key.getName(), tmp);
          MetaData data = (MetaData) maps[n].get(tmpKey);
          if( data != null )
            levelData.put(tmpKey, data);

       return levelData;
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Examples of org.jboss.weld.bootstrap.spi.Metadata

    private static Iterable adapt(Iterable iterable) {
        if (weldSL) {
            List<Object> list = new ArrayList<Object>();
            for (Object o : iterable) {
                Metadata md = (Metadata) o;
            return list;
        } else {
            return iterable;
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