Examples of Log

Examples of org.zoolu.tools.Log

      bye_dates=new Hashtable();  
      calls=new Vector();
      callers=new Hashtable();
      callees=new Hashtable();
      call_log=new Log(filename,null,1,-1,true);
      call_log.println("Date \tCall-Id \tStatus \tCaller \tCallee \tSetup Time \tCall Time");
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Examples of proto.logging.api.Log

     * @param controller
     * @param type
     * @throws UnknownHostException
    public static void threadStatus(Controller controller, ThreadStatusType type, String object) {
        Log log = new Log(LOG_NAME, Log.Type.STATUS);
        String actionType = getThreadStatusString(type);
        log.setRole("AgentJ Threads");

        LogProperties props = new LogProperties("Thread Status");

        if (controller.getLocalHost()!=null)
            props.put("NS2 Node", controller.getLocalHost());

        props.put("Thread Count", String.valueOf(controller.getThreadMonitor().getThreadCount()));

        if (object!=null)
            props.put("Target Object", object);
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Examples of railo.commons.io.log.Log

    //if(!super.hasContent()) return;
    DatasourceConnection dc = null;
    ConfigImpl ci = (ConfigImpl)config;
    DatasourceConnectionPool pool = ci.getDatasourceConnectionPool();
    Log log=((ConfigImpl)config).getScopeLogger();
    try {
      PageContext pc = ThreadLocalPageContext.get();// FUTURE change method interface
      DataSource ds;
      if(pc!=null) ds=((PageContextImpl)pc).getDataSource(datasourceName);
      else ds=config.getDataSource(datasourceName);
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Examples of se.sics.cooja.interfaces.Log

      public void update(Observable obs, Object obj) {
        if (logTextArea == null)

        Mote mote = (Mote) obj;
        Log moteLogInterface = (Log) obs;
        String outputString = "TIME:" + simulation.getSimulationTime() + "\t";
        if (mote != null && mote.getInterfaces().getMoteID() != null) {
          outputString = outputString.concat("ID:" + mote.getInterfaces().getMoteID().getMoteID() + "\t");
        // Match against filter (if any)
        if (filterText != null && !filterText.equals("") &&
        outputString = outputString.concat(moteLogInterface.getLastLogMessages());

        final String str = outputString;
        SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
          public void run() {
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Examples of smilehouse.util.Log

        // --------------
        // Initialize log
        // --------------
        try {
            this.logger = new Log(getProperty("log.filename"));
        } catch(FileNotFoundException e) {
            System.err.println(dateFormat.format(new Date()) + " OpenSyncro: Couldn't open log file '"
                    + getProperty("log.filename") + "'");
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Examples of sos.spooler.Log

  public void addObject(Object object, String name) {
    if (object instanceof Log) {
      Log log = (Log) object;    // log object of the scheduler-task
      if (jsAppender != null) {
        try {
          SOSSchedulerLogger l = new SOSSchedulerLogger(log);
          jsAppender.setSchedulerLogger( l );
        } catch (Exception e) {
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Examples of syslog.model.Log

    public void testTransformLog() {
        CsvTransformer tran = new CsvTransformer();
        String data = tran.transformLog(new Log());
        if (data.equals(""))
            assertEquals(0, 1);
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Examples of util.Log

    MessageProcessor processor = new MessageProcessor();
    Message addMessage = new Message();
    addMessage.setFileContents(new File("testfile.txt"));
    processor.process(addMessage, new Log());
    File repositoryFile= new File("d:\\temp\\repository\\");
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Examples of wolf.util.Log

  public Statistics statistics;
  public Log log;

  public City(int sizeX, int sizeY, long seed){
    log = new Log();
    this.sizeX = sizeX;
    this.sizeY = sizeY;
    random = new Random(seed);
    for(int i=0; i<10; i++){ //warm up the random number generator
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