Examples of LabelValueBean

Examples of org.apache.webapp.admin.LabelValueBean

        schemeTypes[1] = "HTTPS";               
        schemeTypes[2] = "AJP";
        ArrayList types = new ArrayList();   
        // the first element in the select list should be the type selected
        types.add(new LabelValueBean(type,
                "AddConnector.do?select=" + URLEncoder.encode(serviceName)
                + "&type=" + type));       
         for (int i=0; i< schemeTypes.length; i++) {
            if (!type.equalsIgnoreCase(schemeTypes[i])) {
                types.add(new LabelValueBean(schemeTypes[i],
                "AddConnector.do?select=" + URLEncoder.encode(serviceName)
                + "&type=" + schemeTypes[i]));       
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