Examples of InvocationHandler

Examples of net.sf.cglib.proxy.InvocationHandler

    private Object createProxy(Class<?> proxyClass, final Invokable mockObject) {
        Factory proxy = (Factory)objenesis.newInstance(proxyClass);
        proxy.setCallbacks(new Callback[] {
            new InvocationHandler() {
                public Object invoke(Object receiver, Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable {
                    return mockObject.invoke(new Invocation(receiver, method, args));
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Examples of org.apache.openejb.client.proxy.InvocationHandler

        props.put("java.naming.provider.url", "ejbd://" + port);
        Context context = new InitialContext(props);

        Widget remote = (Widget) context.lookup("WidgetBeanRemote");

        InvocationHandler handler = ProxyManager.getInvocationHandler(remote);

        EJBObjectHandler objectHandler = EJBObjectHandler.class.cast(handler);

        Properties properties = objectHandler.getEjb().getProperties();
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Examples of org.apache.openejb.util.proxy.InvocationHandler

      case LOCAL :
        return localHome.create();
      case LOCAL_NO_IFACE :
        return localBeanHome.create();
      case REMOTE : {
        InvocationHandler ih = AriesProxyService.get().getInvocationHandler(remoteHome);
        if(ih instanceof BaseEjbProxyHandler) {
        return remoteHome.create();
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Examples of org.jboss.proxy.compiler.InvocationHandler

      // If we have an EJB 2.0 dynaymic proxy,
      // notify the handler of the assigned context.
      Object instance = ctx.getInstance();
      if(instance instanceof Proxies.ProxyTarget)
         InvocationHandler handler = ((Proxies.ProxyTarget)instance).getInvocationHandler();
         if(handler instanceof EntityBridgeInvocationHandler)
      ctx.setPersistenceContext(new JDBCContext(jdbcContextSize, new EntityState()));
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Examples of org.jboss.wsf.spi.invocation.InvocationHandler

    * @param type invocation type
    * @return invocation handler
   public InvocationHandler newInvocationHandler(final InvocationType type)
      InvocationHandler handler = null;

      switch (type)
         case JAXRPC_JSE :
            handler = new InvocationHandlerJAXRPC();
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Examples of org.springframework.cglib.proxy.InvocationHandler

            compilationError = e.getLocalizedMessage();
            log.debug("Compilation exception", e);

        if(newDynamicClass != null) {
            InvocationHandler handler = new DynamicCodeInvocationHandler(newDynamicClass);
            DynamicRuntimeCode proxy = (DynamicRuntimeCode) Proxy.newProxyInstance(DynamicRuntimeCode.class.getClassLoader(), new Class[]{DynamicRuntimeCode.class}, handler);
            try {
                log.debug("Invoking Dynamic Class");
                String runtimeResponse = proxy.doCode(applicationContext, request, response);
                log.debug("Class call completed");
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