Examples of Constant

Examples of aima.core.logic.fol.parsing.ast.Constant

              new ArrayList<Term>(universalScope)));
        } else {
          // Replace with a Skolem Constant
          String skolemConstantName = parser.getFOLDomain()
          skolemSubst.put(eVar, new Constant(skolemConstantName));

      Sentence skolemized = substVisitor.subst(skolemSubst, quantified);
      return skolemized.accept(this, arg);
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Examples of ca.grimoire.jnoise.modules.basic.Constant

  public Constant createModule () throws BuilderException {
    if (!valueSet)
      throw new BuilderException ("No noise value for constant module.");

    return new Constant (value);
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Examples of classycle.classfile.Constant

    // Creates a new node with unresolved references
    UnresolvedNode node = new UnresolvedNode();
    for (int i = 0; i < pool.length; i++)
      Constant constant = pool[i];
      if (constant instanceof ClassConstant)
        ClassConstant cc = (ClassConstant) constant;
        if (!cc.getName().startsWith(("[")) && !cc.getName().equals(name))
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Examples of com.android.dx.rop.cst.Constant

        if (!(insn instanceof CstInsn)) {
            return false;

        CstInsn ci = (CstInsn) insn;
        Constant cst = ci.getConstant();

        if (!((cst instanceof CstMethodRef) ||
              (cst instanceof CstType))) {
            return false;
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Examples of com.facebook.presto.byteCode.instruction.Constant

        ImmutableListMultimap.Builder<Integer, ByteCodeNode> hashBucketsBuilder = ImmutableListMultimap.builder();
        ImmutableList.Builder<ByteCodeNode> defaultBucket = ImmutableList.builder();
        ImmutableSet.Builder<Object> constantValuesBuilder = ImmutableSet.builder();
        for (ByteCodeNode testNode : values.build()) {
            if (testNode instanceof Constant) {
                Constant constant = (Constant) testNode;
                Object testValue = constant.getValue();

                if (javaType == boolean.class) {
                    // boolean constant is actually an integer type
                    testValue = ((Number) testValue).intValue() != 0;
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Examples of com.google.test.metric.method.Constant

      assertEquals(error, expected[i], actual.get(i));

  private Variable var(Object value) {
    return new Constant(value, JavaType.fromClass(value.getClass()));
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Examples of com.google.visualization.datasource.query.scalarfunction.Constant

    // selection with modulo ('weight' is a column id): "select weight, weight % 10"
    Query q = new Query();

    AbstractColumn col1 = new ScalarFunctionColumn(
        Lists.<AbstractColumn>newArrayList(), new Constant(new NumberValue(10)));
    AbstractColumn col2 = new ScalarFunctionColumn(
        Lists.<AbstractColumn>newArrayList(new SimpleColumn("weight"), col1),

    // Add selection
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Examples of com.intellij.struts2.dom.struts.constant.Constant

    final List<DomFileElement<StrutsRoot>> domFileElements = new ArrayList<DomFileElement<StrutsRoot>>();
    collectStrutsXmls(domFileElements, strutsModel, "struts-default.xml", true);
    collectStrutsXmls(domFileElements, strutsModel, "struts-plugin.xml", true);
    collectStrutsXmls(domFileElements, strutsModel, "struts.xml", false);
    for (final DomFileElement<StrutsRoot> domFileElement : domFileElements) {
      final Constant constant = ContainerUtil.find(domFileElement.getRootElement().getConstants(),
      final String strutsXmlValue = constant != null ? constant.getValue().getStringValue() : null;
      if (strutsXmlValue != null) {
        value = strutsXmlValue;
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Examples of com.kenai.constantine.Constant

                // define EAGAIN now, so that future EWOULDBLOCK will alias to it
                // see MRI's error.c and its explicit ordering of Errno definitions.
                createSysErr(Errno.EAGAIN.value(), Errno.EAGAIN.name());
                for (Errno e : Errno.values()) {
                    Constant c = (Constant) e;
                    if (Character.isUpperCase(c.name().charAt(0))) {
                        createSysErr(c.value(), c.name());
            } catch (Exception e) {
                // dump the trace and continue
                // this is currently only here for Android, which seems to have
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Examples of com.sk89q.worldedit.internal.expression.runtime.Constant

        loop: while (position < tokens.size()) {
            final Token current = peek();

            switch (current.id()) {
            case '0':
                halfProcessed.add(new Constant(current.getPosition(), ((NumberToken) current).value));
                expressionStart = false;

            case 'i':
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