Examples of Comment

  • org.netbeans.modules.exceptions.entity.Comment
    @author Jan Horvath
  • org.objectweb.asm.attrs.Comment
    A non standard attribute used for testing purposes. @author Eric Bruneton
  • org.omg.uml.foundation.core.Comment
  • org.openblend.fejstbuk.domain.Comment
    @author Ales Justin
  • org.opensocial.models.myspace.Comment
    operwiki.myspace.com/index.php?title=OpenSocial_v0.9_ProfileComments @author Jason Cooper
  • org.ow2.asm.attrs.Comment
    A non standard attribute used for testing purposes. @author Eric Bruneton
  • org.pdf4j.saxon.instruct.Comment
    An instruction representing an xsl:comment element in the stylesheet.
  • org.richfaces.photoalbum.model.Comment
    Class for representing Comment Entity. EJB3 Entity Bean @author Andrey Markhel
  • org.snippr.business.entities.Comment
    @author Miguel Gonzalez @author José Manuel Ciges Regueiro @version 20120903
  • org.springframework.roo.addon.roobot.client.model.Comment
  • org.springframework.social.alfresco.api.entities.Comment
    A comment on folders and individual items to give other users information or notes specific to that content. @author jottley
  • org.superbiz.rest.model.Comment
    @author Romain Manni-Bucau
  • org.thymeleaf.dom.Comment

    A Comment node in a Thymeleaf DOM tree.

    @author Daniel Fernández @since 2.0.0
  • org.uned.agonzalo16.bitacora.domain.Comment
  • org.vorbis.jcraft.jorbis.Comment
    @author jkeller1
  • org.w3c.dom.Comment
    This interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the content of a comment, i.e., all the characters between the starting ' <!-- ' and ending '--> '. Note that this is the definition of a comment in XML, and, in practice, HTML, although some HTML tools may implement the full SGML comment structure.
  • org.wso2.carbon.dashboard.common.bean.Comment
    The bean represent a comment (meta information) for a gadget
  • org.wso2.carbon.registry.common.beans.utils.Comment
    Represents comments and its metadata. Note that only the Comment.text field needs to be filled when adding new comments. All other attributes are ignored and they are filled with appropriate values for the current context. Therefore, when constructing an instance of this class outside the Registry impl, it is recommended to use new Comment("my comment text") constructor.
  • org.wso2.carbon.registry.core.Comment
    Represents comments and its meta data. Note that only the Comment.text field needs to be filled when adding new comments. All other attributes are ignored and they are filled with appropriate values for the current context. Therefore, when constructing an instance of this class outside the Registry impl, it is recommended to use new Comment("my comment text") constructor.
  • org.xwiki.rest.model.jaxb.Comment
  • org.zkoss.poi.ss.usermodel.Comment
  • ru.org.linux.comment.Comment
    DTO-объект для хранения одного комментария из DAO
  • se.gu.fire.core.Comment
    Represents a comment made regarding an Submission object. When a some user (student, grader or admin) writes a comment regarding a submission, the comment is represented by this class.
  • springblog.pojo.Comment
  • systole.domain.report.template.Comment
    @author jmj
  • tk.vovanok.data.Comment
    @author vovan_000
  • urban.model.Comment
    A line of comment.
  • wblog.domain.Comment
  • weblogic.xml.stream.Comment
    A marker interface for comment data @since Weblogic XML Input Stream 1.0 @version 1.0 @see weblogic.xml.stream.XMLEvent
  • weibo4j.Comment
    A data class representing one single status of a user. @author Yusuke Yamamoto - yusuke at mac.com
  • weibo4j.model.Comment
  • xtc.tree.Comment
    A source code comment. @author Robert Grimm @version $Revision: 1.11 $
  • zendeskapi.models.tickets.Comment
    @author jgroth

  • Examples of br.eti.kinoshita.tap4j.model.Comment

        final String commentToken = matcher.group( 2 );
        if ( commentToken != null )
          String text = matcher.group( 3 );
          final Comment comment = new Comment ( text );
          header.setComment( comment );
        this.header = header;
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    Examples of client.net.sf.saxon.ce.expr.instruct.Comment

        protected String getErrorCodeForSelectPlusContent() {
            return "XTSE0940";

        public Expression compile(Executable exec, Declaration decl) throws XPathException {
            Comment inst = new Comment();
            compileContent(exec, decl, inst, new StringLiteral(StringValue.SINGLE_SPACE));
            return inst;
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    Examples of com.aetrion.flickr.photos.comments.Comment

            List comments = new ArrayList();
            Element commentsElement = response.getPayload();
            NodeList commentNodes = commentsElement.getElementsByTagName("comment");
            int n = commentNodes.getLength();
            for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
                Comment comment = new Comment();
                Element commentElement = (Element) commentNodes.item(i);
                long unixTime = 0;
                try {
                    unixTime = Long.parseLong(commentElement.getAttribute("datecreate"));
                } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
                    // what shall we do?
                comment.setDateCreate(new Date(unixTime * 1000L));
            return comments;
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    Examples of com.agiletec.plugins.jpcontentfeedback.aps.system.services.contentfeedback.comment.model.Comment

          if (this.getCurrentUser().getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase(SystemConstants.GUEST_USER_NAME) && !anomymousCommentsAllowed) {
            ApsSystemUtils.getLogger().info("anomymous comments not allowed");
            return BaseAction.USER_NOT_ALLOWED;

          Comment comment = new Comment();
          String contentId = this.getCurrentContentId();
          if (this.isAuth(contentId)) {
            String commentsModeration = this.getShowletParam(ContentFeedbackWidgetAction.WIDGET_PARAM_COMMENT_MODERATED);
            boolean moderation = null != commentsModeration && commentsModeration.equalsIgnoreCase("true");
            if (moderation) {
            } else {
        } catch (Throwable t) {
          ApsSystemUtils.logThrowable(t, this, "addComment");
          return FAILURE;
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    Examples of com.apress.prospring.domain.Comment

        bm.saveEntry(new Entry(), null);

      public void testSaveComment() {
        bm.saveComment(new Comment(), new User());
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    Examples of com.apress.prospring3.springblog.domain.Comment

      @RequestMapping(params = "form", method = RequestMethod.GET)
        public String createForm(Model uiModel, @PathVariable("blogid") Long blogid, HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest) {
        Entry entry = entryService.findById(blogid);
            uiModel.addAttribute("entry", entry);
            Comment comment = new Comment();
        comment.setPostDate(new DateTime());
            uiModel.addAttribute("comment", comment);
            populateSelectBox(uiModel, blogid);
            return "blogs/" + UrlUtil.encodeUrlPathSegment(blogid.toString(), httpServletRequest) + "/comments/create";
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    Examples of com.aspose.cells.Comment

        //Adding a new worksheet to the Workbook object
        Worksheet worksheet = workbook.getWorksheets().get(0);

        //Adding a comment to cell
        int commentIndex = worksheet.getComments().add("A1");
        Comment comment = worksheet.getComments().get(commentIndex);

        //Setting the comment note
        comment.setNote("Hello Aspose!");
        //Setting the font size of a comment to 14
        Font font = comment.getFont();
        //Setting the font of a comment to bold

        //Setting the height of the font to 10

        //Setting the width of the font to 2

        //Saving the Excel file
        workbook.save("data/xlsx4j/AddComments-Aspose.xlsx", SaveFormat.XLSX);
        //Print Message
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    Examples of com.aspose.words.Comment

          cell = wordDocBuilder.insertCell();
          // Add Comment
          Comment comment = new Comment(wordDoc);
          comment.getParagraphs().add(new Paragraph(wordDoc));
              new Run(wordDoc, "My Comment text !!!"));
          // Add break
          // Add image
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    Examples of com.atlassian.jira.rest.client.api.domain.Comment

        final Worklog worklog3 = Iterables.get(worklogs, 3);
        assertEquals(StringUtils.EMPTY, worklog3.getComment());

        // comments
        assertEquals(4, Iterables.size(issue.getComments()));
        final Comment comment = issue.getComments().iterator().next();
        assertEquals(Visibility.Type.ROLE, comment.getVisibility().getType());
        assertEquals(TestConstants.USER_ADMIN_BASIC, comment.getAuthor());
        assertEquals(TestConstants.USER_ADMIN_BASIC, comment.getUpdateAuthor());

        // components
        final Iterable<String> componentsNames = EntityHelper.toNamesList(issue.getComponents());
        assertThat(componentsNames, containsInAnyOrder("Component A", "Component B"));
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    Examples of com.atlassian.jira.rest.client.domain.Comment


        public Comment addCommentToIssue(BasicIssue issue, String commentText) {
            // URI self, String body, @Nullable BasicUser author, @Nullable BasicUser updateAuthor, DateTime creationDate, DateTime updateDate, Visibility visibility, @Nullable Long id
            DateTime now = new DateTime();
            Comment comment = new Comment(null, commentText, null, null, now, null, null, issue.getId());
            List<Comment> commentsForIssue = comments.get(issue.getId());
            if (commentsForIssue == null) {
                commentsForIssue = new ArrayList<Comment>();
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