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            BuiltInAtomicType itemType = soughtValue.getPrimitiveType();
            if (itemType.equals(BuiltInAtomicType.INTEGER) ||
                    itemType.equals(BuiltInAtomicType.DECIMAL) ||
                    itemType.equals(BuiltInAtomicType.FLOAT)) {
                soughtValue = new DoubleValue(((NumericValue)soughtValue).getDoubleValue());

        // NOTE: This is much more elaborate than it needs to be. The option convertUntypedToOther
        // is used for an index used to support a general comparison. This reports an error if two
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        // If either operand is a number, convert both operands to xs:double using
        // the rules of the number() function, and compare them

        if (t0.isPrimitiveNumeric() || t1.isPrimitiveNumeric()) {
            DoubleValue v0 = NumberFn.convert(a0);
            DoubleValue v1 = NumberFn.convert(a1);
            return, operator, v1, comparer, false);

        // If either operand is a string, or if both are untyped atomic, convert
        // both operands to strings and compare them
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