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    * Evaluate in a general context

    public Item evaluateItem(XPathContext context) throws XPathException {
        final DateTimeValue dt = DateTimeValue.getCurrentDateTime(context);
        final TypeHierarchy th = context.getConfiguration().getTypeHierarchy();
        final int targetType = getItemType(th).getPrimitiveType();
        switch (targetType) {
            case StandardNames.XS_DATE_TIME:
                return dt;
            case StandardNames.XS_DATE:
                return dt.convert(BuiltInAtomicType.DATE, true).asAtomic();
            case StandardNames.XS_TIME:
                return dt.convert(BuiltInAtomicType.TIME, true).asAtomic();
            case StandardNames.XS_DAY_TIME_DURATION:
            case StandardNames.XS_DURATION:
                return dt.getComponent(Component.TIMEZONE);
                throw new IllegalArgumentException("Wrong target type for current date/time");
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