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/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) Volantis Systems Ltd 2005.
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
package com.volantis.mcs.xdime;

import com.volantis.mcs.localization.LocalizationFactory;
import com.volantis.mcs.xdime.initialisation.ElementFactory;
import com.volantis.mcs.xdime.initialisation.ElementFactoryMap;
import com.volantis.mcs.xdime.initialisation.ElementFactoryMapBuilder;
import com.volantis.mcs.xdime.initialisation.ElementFactoryMapPopulator;
import com.volantis.mcs.xdime.initialisation.XDIME2Populator;
import com.volantis.mcs.xml.schema.model.ElementType;
import com.volantis.synergetics.localization.ExceptionLocalizer;
import org.xml.sax.Attributes;

* This factory creates instances of {@link XDIMEElement} and
* {@link XDIMEAttributes} which have been populated using the supplied
* parameters.
public class XDIMEElementHandler {

     * Used to retrieve localized exception messages.
    private static final ExceptionLocalizer EXCEPTION_LOCALIZER =

     * The default instance.
    private static final XDIMEElementHandler DEFAULT_INSTANCE;

    static {
        ElementFactoryMapBuilder builder = new ElementFactoryMapBuilder();
        ElementFactoryMapPopulator populator = new XDIME2Populator();
        ElementFactoryMap factoryMap = builder.buildFactoryMap();
        DEFAULT_INSTANCE = new XDIMEElementHandler(factoryMap);

     * Get the default instance.
     * @return The default instance.
    public static XDIMEElementHandler getDefaultInstance() {
        return DEFAULT_INSTANCE;

    private final ElementFactoryMap factoryMap;

    public XDIMEElementHandler(ElementFactoryMap factoryMap) {
        this.factoryMap = factoryMap;

     * Creates an appropriate {@link XDIMEElement} for this element.
     * @param elementType the element
     * @param context the context within which the element will be used.
     * @return an XDIMEElement
     * @throws XDIMEException if the namespace is unrecognised
    public XDIMEElement createXDIMEElement(
            ElementType elementType,
            XDIMEContextInternal context) throws XDIMEException {

        XDIMEElement element = null;
        ElementFactory factory = factoryMap.getElementFactory(elementType);
        if (factory == null) {
            throw new XDIMEException(EXCEPTION_LOCALIZER.format(
                    "unknown-element", elementType));
        } else {
            element = factory.createElement(context);
        return element;

     * Create an XDIMEAttributes instance and initialize it from the SAX
     * attributes.
     * @param elementType
     * @param saxAttributes     The sax attributes with which to initialize
     *                          this object
     * @return The newly created instance of the appropriate XDIMEAttributes
     *         class.
     * @throws XDIMEException if there was a problem creating the attributes.
    public XDIMEAttributes createXDIMEAttributes(
            ElementType elementType, Attributes saxAttributes)
            throws XDIMEException {

        XDIMEAttributes attributes = new XDIMEAttributesImpl(elementType);
        initializeAttributes(saxAttributes, attributes);
        return attributes;

     * Initialize the {@link XDIMEAttributes} from the SAX {@link Attributes}.
     * This method should be overridden by subclasses if different
     * initialization is required.
     * @param saxAttributes used to initialise the {@link XDIMEAttributes}
     * @param attributes the {@link XDIMEAttributes} to initialize
    protected void initializeAttributes(Attributes saxAttributes,
                                        XDIMEAttributes attributes) {
        int length = saxAttributes.getLength();

        for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {

Change History

31-Aug-05  9391/1  emma  VBM:2005082604 Integrate the new XDIMEContentHandler and refactor NamespaceSwitchContentHandler (& Map) as required


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