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Source Code of com.alvazan.orm.layer5.query.SpiIndexQueryImpl

package com.alvazan.orm.layer5.query;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.Set;

import org.joda.time.DateTime;
import org.joda.time.LocalDate;
import org.joda.time.LocalDateTime;
import org.joda.time.LocalTime;
import org.joda.time.format.DateTimeFormatter;
import org.joda.time.format.ISODateTimeFormat;

import com.alvazan.orm.api.z5api.IndexColumnInfo;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z5api.NoSqlSession;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z5api.SpiQueryAdapter;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.Key;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.KeyValue;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.Row;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.ScanInfo;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.action.IndexColumn;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.conv.ByteArray;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.conv.StandardConverters;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.iter.AbstractCursor;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.iter.DirectCursor;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.iter.IterableWrappingCursor;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.meta.DboColumnMeta;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.meta.DboTableMeta;
import com.alvazan.orm.api.z8spi.meta.ViewInfo;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.ChildSide;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.ExpressionNode;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.JoinInfo;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.JoinMeta;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.JoinType;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.NoSqlLexer;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.ParsedNode;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.PartitionMeta;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.StateAttribute;
import com.alvazan.orm.parser.antlr.ViewInfoImpl;

public class SpiIndexQueryImpl implements SpiQueryAdapter {

  private SpiMetaQueryImpl spiMeta;
  private NoSqlSession session;
  private Map<String, ByteArray> parameters = new HashMap<String, ByteArray>();

  private Integer batchSize = null;
  public void setup(SpiMetaQueryImpl spiMetaQueryImpl, NoSqlSession session) {
    this.spiMeta = spiMetaQueryImpl;
    this.session = session;

  public void setParameter(String parameterName, byte[] value) {
    ByteArray val = new ByteArray(value);
    parameters.put(parameterName, val);

  private ByteArray getParameter(String parameterName) {
    ByteArray result = parameters.get(parameterName);
    if(result == null)
      throw new IllegalStateException("You did not call query.setParameter(\""+parameterName+"\", <yourvalue>) and that parameter is required");
    return result;

  public DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> getResultList(Set<ViewInfo> alreadyJoinedViews, String indexedColumn) {
    if(alreadyJoinedViews == null || alreadyJoinedViews.size() != 0)
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("You must pass us a non-null Set that is EMPTY and not null");
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> cursor = getResultListImpl(alreadyJoinedViews, indexedColumn);
    return cursor;
  public DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> getResultListImpl(Set<ViewInfo> alreadyJoinedViews, String indexedColumn) {
    ExpressionNode root = spiMeta.getASTTree();
    if(root == null) {
      ViewInfoImpl tableInfo = (ViewInfoImpl) spiMeta.getTargetViews().get(0);
      DboTableMeta tableMeta = tableInfo.getTableMeta();
      PartitionMeta partitionMeta = tableInfo.getPartition();
      DboColumnMeta partColMeta = null;
      if (partitionMeta != null)
        partColMeta = partitionMeta.getPartitionColumn();
      DboColumnMeta metaCol = tableMeta.getAnyIndex(indexedColumn, partColMeta);

      ScanInfo scanInfo = createScanInfo(tableInfo, metaCol);

      AbstractCursor<IndexColumn> scan = session.scanIndex(scanInfo, null, null, batchSize);
      return processKeys(tableInfo, null, scan);
    return processExpressionTree(root, alreadyJoinedViews);

  private ScanInfo createScanInfo(ViewInfoImpl tableInfo, DboColumnMeta metaCol) {
    PartitionMeta partitionMeta = tableInfo.getPartition();
    String partitionBy = null;
    String partitionId = null;
    if(partitionMeta != null) {
      DboColumnMeta colMeta = partitionMeta.getPartitionColumn();
      partitionBy = colMeta.getColumnName();
      byte[] partId = retrieveValue(colMeta, (ExpressionNode) partitionMeta.getNode());
      Object partIdObj = colMeta.convertFromStorage2(partId);
      partitionId = colMeta.convertTypeToString(partIdObj);

    ScanInfo scanInfo = ScanInfo.createScanInfo(metaCol, partitionBy, partitionId);
    return scanInfo;

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processExpressionTree(ExpressionNode parent, Set<ViewInfo> alreadyJoinedViews) {
    int type = parent.getType();
    switch (type) {
    case NoSqlLexer.AND:
    case NoSqlLexer.OR:
      return processAndOr(parent, alreadyJoinedViews);
    case NoSqlLexer.EQ:
    case NoSqlLexer.NE:
    case NoSqlLexer.GT:
    case NoSqlLexer.LT:
    case NoSqlLexer.GE:
    case NoSqlLexer.LE:
    case NoSqlLexer.BETWEEN:
    case NoSqlLexer.IN:
      return processRangeExpression(parent, alreadyJoinedViews);
      throw new UnsupportedOperationException("bug, unsupported type="+type);

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processAndOr(ExpressionNode root, Set<ViewInfo> alreadyJoinedViews) {
    ExpressionNode left = root.getChild(ChildSide.LEFT);
    ExpressionNode right = root.getChild(ChildSide.RIGHT);
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> leftResults = processExpressionTree(left, alreadyJoinedViews);
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> rightResults = processExpressionTree(right, alreadyJoinedViews);
    JoinMeta joinMeta = left.getJoinMeta();
    ViewInfo leftView = joinMeta.getPrimaryJoinInfo().getPrimaryTable();
    JoinMeta joinMeta2 = right.getJoinMeta();
    ViewInfo rightView = joinMeta2.getPrimaryJoinInfo().getPrimaryTable();
    JoinType joinType = root.getJoinMeta().getJoinType();
    if(joinType == JoinType.INNER || joinType == JoinType.LEFT_OUTER) {
      //We need to proxy the right results to translate to the same primary key as the
      //left results and our And and Or Cursor can then take care of the rest
      JoinInfo joinInfo = root.getJoinMeta().getPrimaryJoinInfo();
      ViewInfoImpl newView = joinInfo.getPrimaryTable();
      DboColumnMeta col = joinInfo.getPrimaryCol();
      ScanInfo scanInfo = createScanInfo(newView, col);
      //FROM an ORM perspective, we join to smaller tables in general as we don't want to blow out memory so do the
      //join first(ie. we process left sides first in and and or cursors)
      CursorForJoin temp = new CursorForJoin(newView, leftView, leftResults, joinType);
      leftResults = temp;
      leftView = newView;
    if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.AND) {
      CursorForAnd cursor = new CursorForAnd(leftView, leftResults, rightView, rightResults);
      //AND always returns LESS results(or same) than the left or right sides,
      //sooooo, we cache results if there is less than 500 results
      return new CachingCursor<IndexColumnInfo>(cursor);
    } else {
      //Since OR always returns MORE results(or the same) as the left or right views
      //There is no need to use a caching cursor as the people below us have a caching
      //cursor AND there would be no performance benefit
      return new CursorForOr(leftView, leftResults, rightView, rightResults);
  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processRangeExpression(ExpressionNode root, Set<ViewInfo> alreadyJoinedViews) {
    StateAttribute attr;
    if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.BETWEEN) {
      ExpressionNode grandChild = root.getChild(ChildSide.LEFT).getChild(ChildSide.LEFT);
      attr = (StateAttribute) grandChild.getState();
    } else if (root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.IN) {
      ExpressionNode grandChild = root.getChild(ChildSide.LEFT);
      attr = (StateAttribute) grandChild.getState();
    } else {
      attr = (StateAttribute) root.getChild(ChildSide.LEFT).getState();
    DboColumnMeta info = attr.getColumnInfo();
    ViewInfoImpl viewInfo = attr.getViewInfo();   
    ScanInfo scanInfo = createScanInfo(viewInfo, info);
    if(info.isIndexed()) {
      //its an indexed column
      return processIndexColumn(root, scanInfo, viewInfo, info);
    } else if (info.getOwner().getIdColumnMeta().getColumnName().equals(info.getColumnName())) {
      //its a non-indexed primary key
      return  processPrimaryKey(root, scanInfo, viewInfo, info);
    } else
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("You cannot have '"+info.getColumnName() + "' in your sql query since "+info.getColumnName()+" is neither a Primary Key nor a column with @Index annotation on the field in the entity");     

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processIndexColumn(ExpressionNode root, ScanInfo scanInfo, ViewInfoImpl viewInfo, DboColumnMeta info) {
    AbstractCursor<IndexColumn> scan;
    if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.EQ) {
      byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, root.getChild(ChildSide.RIGHT));
      Key key = new Key(data, true);
      scan = session.scanIndex(scanInfo, key, key, batchSize);
    } else if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GT
        || root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GE
        || root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.LT
        || root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.LE
        || root.isBetweenExpression()) {
      Key from = null;
      Key to = null;
      if(root.isBetweenExpression()) {
        ExpressionNode node = root.getGreaterThan();
        ExpressionNode node2 = root.getLessThan();
        from = createLeftKey(node, info);
        to = createRightKey(node2, info);
      } else if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GT
          || root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GE) {
        from = createLeftKey(root, info);
      } else if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.LT) {
        to = createRightKey(root, info);
      } else
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("not done yet here");
      scan = session.scanIndex(scanInfo, from, to, batchSize);
    } else if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.IN) {
      List<byte[]> values = new ArrayList<byte[]>();
      List<ParsedNode> keys = root.getChildrenForIn();
      for (ParsedNode keyNode : keys) {
        byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, (ExpressionNode) keyNode);
        byte[] virtualkey = info.getOwner().getIdColumnMeta().formVirtRowKey(data);
      scan = session.scanIndex(scanInfo, values);     
    } else
      throw new UnsupportedOperationException("not supported yet. type="+root.getType());
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processKeys = processKeys(viewInfo, info, scan);
    return processKeys;

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processPrimaryKey(ExpressionNode root, ScanInfo scanInfo, ViewInfoImpl viewInfo, DboColumnMeta info) {
    AbstractCursor<KeyValue<Row>> scan;
    if(root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.EQ) {
      byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, root.getChild(ChildSide.RIGHT));
      if (data == null)
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Primary key "+ info.getColumnName() + " cannot be null");
      byte[] virtualkey = info.getOwner().getIdColumnMeta().formVirtRowKey(data);
      List<byte[]> keyList= new ArrayList<byte[]>();
      scan = session.find(info.getOwner(), new IterableWrappingCursor<byte[]>(keyList), false, true, batchSize);
    } else if (root.getType() == NoSqlLexer.IN) {
      List<byte[]> keyList = new ArrayList<byte[]>();
      List<ParsedNode> keys = root.getChildrenForIn();
      for (ParsedNode keyNode : keys) {
        byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, (ExpressionNode) keyNode);
        byte[] virtualkey = info.getOwner().getIdColumnMeta().formVirtRowKey(data);
      scan = session.find(info.getOwner(), new IterableWrappingCursor<byte[]>(keyList), false, true, batchSize);
    } else
      throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Other operations not supported yet for Primary Key. Use @NoSQLIndexed for Primary Key.type="+root.getType());
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processKeys = processKeysforPK(viewInfo, info, scan);
    return processKeys;

  private Key createRightKey(ExpressionNode node, DboColumnMeta info) {
    byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, node.getChild(ChildSide.RIGHT));
    if(node.getType() == NoSqlLexer.LT)
      return new Key(data, false);
    else if(node.getType() == NoSqlLexer.LE)
      return new Key(data, true);
      throw new RuntimeException("bug, should never happen, but should be easy to fix this one");

  private Key createLeftKey(ExpressionNode node, DboColumnMeta info) {
    byte[] data = retrieveValue(info, node.getChild(ChildSide.RIGHT));
    if(node.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GT)
      return new Key(data, false);
    else if(node.getType() == NoSqlLexer.GE)
      return new Key(data, true);
      throw new RuntimeException("bug, should never happen, but should be easy to fix this one. type="+node.getType())

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processKeys(ViewInfo viewInfo, DboColumnMeta info, AbstractCursor<IndexColumn> scan) {
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> cursor = new CursorSimpleTranslator(viewInfo, info, scan);
    return new CachingCursor<IndexColumnInfo>(cursor);

  private DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> processKeysforPK(ViewInfo viewInfo, DboColumnMeta info, AbstractCursor<KeyValue<Row>> scan) {
    DirectCursor<IndexColumnInfo> cursor = new CursorForPrimaryKey(viewInfo, info, scan);
    return new CachingCursor<IndexColumnInfo>(cursor);

  private byte[] retrieveValue(DboColumnMeta info, ExpressionNode node) {
    if(node.isParameter()) {
      return processParam(info, node);
    } else if(node.isConstant()) {
      return processConstant(info, node);
    } else
      throw new UnsupportedOperationException("type not supported="+node.getType());

  private byte[] processConstant(DboColumnMeta info, ExpressionNode node) {
    //constant is either BigDecimal, BigInteger or a String
    Object constant = node.getState();
    if (info.isJodaType()) {
      DateTimeFormatter fmt;
      if (info.getClassType().getName().equals("org.joda.time.DateTime")) {
        fmt = ISODateTimeFormat.dateTime();
        DateTime dateTime = fmt.parseDateTime(constant.toString());
        return StandardConverters.convertToBytes(dateTime);
      } else if (info.getClassType().getName().equals("org.joda.time.LocalDateTime")) {
        fmt = ISODateTimeFormat.dateTime();
        LocalDateTime localDateTime = fmt.parseLocalDateTime(constant.toString());
        return StandardConverters.convertToBytes(localDateTime);
      } else if (info.getClassType().getName().equals("org.joda.time.LocalDate")) {
        fmt =;
        LocalDate localDate = fmt.parseLocalDate(constant.toString());
        return StandardConverters.convertToBytes(localDate);
      } else if (info.getClassType().getName().equals("org.joda.time.LocalTime")) {
        fmt = ISODateTimeFormat.time();
        LocalTime localTime = fmt.parseLocalTime(constant.toString());
        return StandardConverters.convertToBytes(localTime);
    return info.convertToStorage2(constant);

  private byte[] processParam(DboColumnMeta info, ExpressionNode node) {
    String paramName = (String) node.getState();
    ByteArray val = getParameter(paramName);
    return val.getKey();

  public void setBatchSize(int batchSize) {
    if(batchSize <= 0)
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("batchSize must be 1 or greater, but really, please don't use 1, use something like 500(the default anyways)");
    this.batchSize = batchSize;


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