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package org.jboss.seam.example.ui.test.htmlunit;

import static org.testng.AssertJUnit.assertEquals;
import static org.testng.AssertJUnit.assertFalse;


import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.WebClient;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.BrowserVersion;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlPage;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlElement;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlInput;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlAnchor;
import com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.html.HtmlImage;
import static;

import org.testng.annotations.AfterMethod;
import org.testng.annotations.BeforeMethod;
import org.testng.annotations.Test;

* Functional test for uploadLink and graphicImage testcases of UI example
* @author mgencur
public class HtmlUnitUITest
   public static final String PAGE_URL = "http://localhost:8080/seam-ui";
   public static final String HOME_PAGE_TITLE = "UI Example:";
   public static final String FILE_UPLOAD_FILE= "//input[@type='file']";
   public static final String FILE_UPLOAD_UPDATE="//input[@type='submit'][@value='Update']";
   public static final String IMAGE_TO_UPLOAD = "photo.jpg";
   public static final String FILE_UPLOAD_RESPONSE="//ul/li[contains(text(),'Successfully updated')]";
   public static final String FILE_UPLOAD_LINK = "//a[contains(@href,'fileUpload')]";
   public static final String GRAPHIC_IMAGE_LINK = "//a[contains(@href,'graphicImage')]";
   public static final String IMAGE = "//img";
   public WebClient wc;
   public HtmlPage page;  
   public void setUp() throws Exception{
      URL url = new URL(PAGE_URL);     
      wc = new WebClient(BrowserVersion.FIREFOX_2);     
      page = (HtmlPage) wc.getPage(url)

   public void tearDown() {
   public void homePageLoadTest()
      assertEquals("Unexpected page title.", HOME_PAGE_TITLE, page.getTitleText());
   public void fileUploadTest() throws IOException {
      final HtmlAnchor linkEl = (HtmlAnchor) page.getFirstByXPath(FILE_UPLOAD_LINK);
      final HtmlPage uploadPage = (HtmlPage);
      if (uploadPage == null){
         fail("Could not read page");
      final HtmlInput el1 = (HtmlInput) uploadPage.getFirstByXPath(FILE_UPLOAD_FILE);
      if (el1 == null) {
         fail("Element file upload file doesn't exist");
      } else {        
      final HtmlInput el2 = (HtmlInput) uploadPage.getFirstByXPath(FILE_UPLOAD_UPDATE);
      final HtmlPage finishPage = (HtmlPage);
      final HtmlElement el3 = (HtmlElement) finishPage.getFirstByXPath(FILE_UPLOAD_RESPONSE);
      assertFalse("Page should contain \"Successfully updated\"", el3 == null);
   public void graphicImageTest() throws IOException {
      final HtmlAnchor linkEl = (HtmlAnchor) page.getFirstByXPath(GRAPHIC_IMAGE_LINK);
      final HtmlPage graphicPage = (HtmlPage);
      if (graphicPage == null){
         fail("Could not read page");
      final HtmlImage image = (HtmlImage) graphicPage.getFirstByXPath(IMAGE);
      assertFalse("Page should contain image of Pete Muir", image == null);     

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