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//$Id: 7365 2005-07-04 02:40:29Z oneovthafew $
package org.hibernate.criterion;

import java.util.HashMap;

import org.hibernate.Criteria;
import org.hibernate.EntityMode;
import org.hibernate.HibernateException;
import org.hibernate.engine.QueryParameters;
import org.hibernate.engine.SessionFactoryImplementor;
import org.hibernate.engine.TypedValue;
import org.hibernate.impl.CriteriaImpl;
import org.hibernate.loader.criteria.CriteriaJoinWalker;
import org.hibernate.loader.criteria.CriteriaQueryTranslator;
import org.hibernate.persister.entity.OuterJoinLoadable;
import org.hibernate.type.Type;

* @author Gavin King
public abstract class SubqueryExpression implements Criterion {
  private CriteriaImpl criteriaImpl;
  private String quantifier;
  private String op;
  private QueryParameters params;
  private Type[] types;
  private CriteriaQueryTranslator innerQuery;

  protected Type[] getTypes() {
    return types;
  protected SubqueryExpression(String op, String quantifier, DetachedCriteria dc) {
    this.criteriaImpl = dc.getCriteriaImpl();
    this.quantifier = quantifier;
    this.op = op;
  protected abstract String toLeftSqlString(Criteria criteria, CriteriaQuery outerQuery);

  public String toSqlString(Criteria criteria, CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery)
  throws HibernateException {

    final SessionFactoryImplementor factory = criteriaQuery.getFactory();
    final OuterJoinLoadable persister = (OuterJoinLoadable) factory.getEntityPersister( criteriaImpl.getEntityOrClassName() );

    createAndSetInnerQuery( criteriaQuery, factory );
    CriteriaJoinWalker walker = new CriteriaJoinWalker(
        new HashMap(),

    String sql = walker.getSQLString();

    final StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer()
      .append( toLeftSqlString(criteria, criteriaQuery) );
    if (op!=null) buf.append(' ').append(op).append(' ');
    if (quantifier!=null) buf.append(quantifier).append(' ');
    return buf.append('(').append(sql).append(')')

  public TypedValue[] getTypedValues(Criteria criteria, CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery)
  throws HibernateException {
    //the following two lines were added to ensure that this.params is not null, which
    //can happen with two-deep nested subqueries
    SessionFactoryImplementor factory = criteriaQuery.getFactory();
    createAndSetInnerQuery(criteriaQuery, factory);
    Type[] ppTypes = params.getPositionalParameterTypes();
    Object[] ppValues = params.getPositionalParameterValues();
    TypedValue[] tv = new TypedValue[ppTypes.length];
    for ( int i=0; i<ppTypes.length; i++ ) {
      tv[i] = new TypedValue( ppTypes[i], ppValues[i], EntityMode.POJO );
    return tv;

   * Creates the inner query used to extract some useful information about
   * types, since it is needed in both methods.
   * @param criteriaQuery
   * @param factory
  private void createAndSetInnerQuery(CriteriaQuery criteriaQuery, final SessionFactoryImplementor factory) {
    if ( innerQuery == null ) {
      //with two-deep subqueries, the same alias would get generated for
      //both using the old method (criteriaQuery.generateSQLAlias()), so
      //that is now used as a fallback if the main criteria alias isn't set
      String alias;
      if ( this.criteriaImpl.getAlias() == null ) {
        alias = criteriaQuery.generateSQLAlias();
      else {
        alias = this.criteriaImpl.getAlias() + "_";

      innerQuery = new CriteriaQueryTranslator(
          criteriaImpl.getEntityOrClassName(), //implicit polymorphism not supported (would need a union)

      params = innerQuery.getQueryParameters();
      types = innerQuery.getProjectedTypes();

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