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package com.sun.enterprise.connectors.deployment.annotation.handlers;

import java.lang.annotation.Annotation;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;

import javax.resource.ConnectorResourceDefinition;
import javax.resource.ConnectorResourceDefinitions;

import org.glassfish.apf.AnnotationHandlerFor;
import org.glassfish.apf.AnnotationInfo;
import org.glassfish.apf.AnnotationProcessorException;
import org.glassfish.apf.HandlerProcessingResult;
import org.jvnet.hk2.annotations.Service;

import com.sun.enterprise.deployment.ConnectorResourceDefinitionDescriptor;
import com.sun.enterprise.deployment.annotation.context.ResourceContainerContext;
import com.sun.enterprise.deployment.annotation.handlers.AbstractResourceHandler;
import com.sun.enterprise.util.LocalStringManagerImpl;

* @author Dapeng Hu
public class ConnectorResourceDefinitionsHandler extends AbstractResourceHandler {
    protected final static LocalStringManagerImpl localStrings =
            new LocalStringManagerImpl(ConnectorResourceDefinitionsHandler.class);

    public ConnectorResourceDefinitionsHandler() {

    protected HandlerProcessingResult processAnnotation(AnnotationInfo ainfo,  ResourceContainerContext[] rcContexts)
            throws AnnotationProcessorException {
        ConnectorResourceDefinitions defns = (ConnectorResourceDefinitions) ainfo.getAnnotation();
        ConnectorResourceDefinition values[] = defns.value();
        Set<String> duplicates = new HashSet<String>();
        if(values != null && values.length >0){
            for(ConnectorResourceDefinition defn : values){
                String defnName = ConnectorResourceDefinitionDescriptor.getJavaName(;

                    // where is the local-string file?
                    String localString = localStrings.getLocalString(
                            "@ConnectorResourceDefinitions cannot have multiple definitions with same name : '{0}'",
                    throw new IllegalStateException(localString);
                    //TODO V3 should we throw exception or return failure result ?
                    return getFailureResult(ainfo, "@DataSourceDefinitions cannot have multiple" +
                            " definitions with same name [ "+defnName+" ]", true );
                ConnectorResourceDefinitionHandler handler = new ConnectorResourceDefinitionHandler();
                handler.processAnnotation(defn, ainfo, rcContexts);
        return getDefaultProcessedResult();

    public Class<? extends Annotation>[] getTypeDependencies() {
        return getEjbAndWebAnnotationTypes();


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