Package org.jetbrains.osgi.jps.util

Examples of org.jetbrains.osgi.jps.util.OrderedProperties.load()

  public Map<String, String> getAdditionalPropertiesAsMap() {
    try {
      OrderedProperties p = new OrderedProperties();
      p.load(new StringReader(getAdditionalProperties()));
      return p.toMap();
    catch (IOException e) {
      return Collections.emptyMap();
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public class OrderedPropertiesTest {
  public void testRead() throws IOException {
    OrderedProperties props = new OrderedProperties();
    props.load(new StringReader("Foo: Bar,\\\nnaf\nBar: naf\nBaz=naf\n"));

    Enumeration<Object> keys = props.keys();
    assertThat((String)keys.nextElement(), equalTo("Foo"));
    assertThat((String)keys.nextElement(), equalTo("Bar"));
    assertThat((String)keys.nextElement(), equalTo("Baz"));
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