Package org.jasig.portal.portlets.permissionsadmin

Examples of org.jasig.portal.portlets.permissionsadmin.Assignment.addChild()

                Assignment parent = null;
                for (Assignment root : hierarchy) {
                    parent = root.findDecendentOrSelfIfExists(bean);
                    if (parent != null) {
                        // We found one...
                if (parent == null) {
                    // We weren't able to integrate this node into the existing
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                    // unless (by chance) there's something specified in an
                    // entry on grantOrDenyMap.
                    IAuthorizationPrincipal principal = authService.newPrincipal(group);
                    Assignment.Type assignmentType = getAssignmentType(principal, owner, activity, target);
                    parent = new Assignment(principal.getPrincipalString(), bean, assignmentType);
                    placeInHierarchy(parent, hierarchy, owner, activity, target);
        } else {
            // This member is a root...
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