Package org.htmlcleaner

Examples of org.htmlcleaner.TagNode.addChild()

  public void buildEditLinkUrl(int section) {
    if (fParserInput.getAllowSectionEdit()) {
      TagNode divTagNode = new TagNode("div");
      divTagNode.addAttribute("style", "font-size:90%;float:right;margin-left:5px;", false);
      divTagNode.addChild(new ContentToken("["));

      String url = "";
      try {
        url = LinkUtil.buildEditLinkUrl(fParserInput.getContext(), fParserInput.getVirtualWiki(), fParserInput.getTopicName(),
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        logger.severe("Failure while building link for topic " + fParserInput.getVirtualWiki() + " / "
            + fParserInput.getTopicName(), e);
      TagNode aTagNode = new TagNode("a");
      aTagNode.addAttribute("href", url, false);
      aTagNode.addChild(new ContentToken(Utilities.formatMessage("common.sectionedit", fParserInput.getLocale())));
      divTagNode.addChild(new ContentToken("]"));
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