Package net.sf.latexdraw.parsers.svg

Examples of net.sf.latexdraw.parsers.svg.SVGDocument.createElement()

  public void setUp() {
    SVGDocument doc = new SVGDocument();
        node = (SVGElement)doc.createElement("tag1"); //$NON-NLS-1$

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      final Instrument[] instruments   = ui.getInstruments();
      final double incr        = 100./(drawing.size() + instruments.length + ui.getPresentations().size());
      final SVGDocument doc       = toSVG(drawing, incr);
      final SVGMetadataElement meta  = new SVGMetadataElement(doc);
      final SVGSVGElement root     = doc.getFirstChild();
      final SVGElement metaLTD    = (SVGElement)doc.createElement(LNamespace.LATEXDRAW_NAMESPACE+':'+SVGElements.SVG_METADATA);

      // Creation of the SVG meta data tag.
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