Package com.xebialabs.overthere

Examples of com.xebialabs.overthere.OverthereFile.mkdirs()

            fail("Expected not to be able to create a deeply nested directory in one go");
        } catch (RuntimeIOException expected1) {
        assertThat("Expected deeply nested directory to still not exist", nested3.exists(), equalTo(false));
        assertThat("Expected deeply nested directory to exist after invoking mkdirs on it", nested3.exists(), equalTo(true));

        final byte[] contents = ("Contents of the temporary file created at " + System.currentTimeMillis() + "ms since the epoch").getBytes();
        OverthereFile regularFile = tempDir.getFile("somefile.txt");
        OverthereUtils.write(contents, regularFile);
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        File fileWithSpaces = temp.newFile("I have spaces.txt");
        writeRandomBytes(fileWithSpaces, 100);

        OverthereFile dir = connection.getTempFile("dir");
        OverthereFile targetDir = connection.getFile(dir.getPath() + "/newDir");

        OverthereFile targetFile = connection.getFile(targetDir.getPath() + "/" + fileWithSpaces.getName());

        try {
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