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            String remoteDir = remoteInstanceDir + subdir;
            logger.log(Level.FINE, "Trying to create directories for remote path {0}",
            try {
                WindowsRemoteFile f = new WindowsRemoteFile(wrfs, remoteDir);

                if (!f.exists())
                    throw new IOException(Strings.get("no.mkdir", f.getPath()));
            catch (WindowsException ex) {
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        for (String host : hosts) {
            String remotePassword = getWindowsPassword(host);
            WindowsRemoteFileSystem wrfs = new WindowsRemoteFileSystem(host, getRemoteUser(), remotePassword);
            WindowsRemoteFile remoteInstallDir = new WindowsRemoteFile(wrfs, windowsInstallDir);
            WindowsRemoteFile remoteZip = new WindowsRemoteFile(remoteInstallDir, zipFileName);
            WindowsRemoteFile unpackScript = new WindowsRemoteFile(remoteInstallDir, unpackScriptName);
            System.out.printf("Copying %d bytes", zipFile.length());
            remoteZip.copyFrom(zipFile, new WindowsRemoteFileCopyProgress() {
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