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        throws LogVerificationException, IOException {

        final FileManager fileManager = envImpl.getFileManager();
        final File homeDir = envImpl.getEnvironmentHome();
        final String[] fileNames =
            fileManager.listFiles(startFile, endFile - 1);
        final byte[] buf = new byte[readBufferSize];

        for (String fileName : fileNames) {
            final File file = new File(homeDir, fileName);
            final FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(file);
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    public synchronized
        String[] getLogFilesInBackupSet(long lastFileInPrevBackup) {
        FileManager fileManager = envImpl.getFileManager();
        return fileManager.listFiles(lastFileInPrevBackup + 1,

    private void checkBackupStarted() {
        if (!backupStarted) {
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