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      try {
        MockRepositoryDocumentStore a = null;
        a = ((MockDmSession) session).getStore();
        MockJcrQueryManager mrQueryMger = new MockJcrQueryManager(a);

        Query q = mrQueryMger.createQuery(this.query, "xpath");

        QueryResult qr = q.execute();
        MockDmCollection co = new MockDmCollection(qr);
        return co;
      } catch (javax.jcr.RepositoryException e) {
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      MockJcrQueryManager mrQueryMger = new MockJcrQueryManager(mrDS);
      Query q = null;
      QueryResult qr = null;
      try {
        q = mrQueryMger
                "//*[@jcr:primaryType='nt:resource'] order by @jcr:lastModified, @jcr:uuid",
        qr = q.execute();
      } catch (InvalidQueryException e1) {
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